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House Decorations Aren’t Just Pretty. They Also Affect Our Health and Wellness

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Caring about your wellness and health does not only mean going to the gym and doing workouts. Although being active has tons of benefits that cannot be denied, there are other ways with which you can care about health in a rather passive way. Decorative items no longer serve the sole purpose of looking nice.

Nowadays you can add a piece of decor to your house that can look beautiful and help with something else as well. Humans are not the only creations who can multitask as you can see. Below are some decorative items that can affect your health and look awesome as well. 

Lamps made from Himalayan salt 

Artificial sources of light are indispensable, but you can now have them with a twist. Lamps made from Himalayan Salt Crystals do not only emit lovely warm beams of light, but they also produce healthy ions as those you get from a walk by the ocean. In some cases, they may even protect against germs. Their color and texture make them a wonderful addition to a living room. 

Our old green pals: plants  

Apart from adding a lovely pop of green color to our apartments, adding plants has health benefits as well. Having them around you helps improve your mental health status. That is besides the third grade science you are already familiar with about how plants absorb the carbon dioxide from the air and release oxygen that is crucial for human survival. There are many ways to decorate your home using plant pots making sure your home looks as nice as it could while making sure you benefit as well. 

Energy generator Orgone Pyramids 

They have mesmerising colour patterns that capture the attention of anyone once they enter the room. Putting their decorative functions aside, Orgone Pyramids release positive energy in the house that is healing for all living creatures not only for humans. Not to mention that they are handmade from genuine materials that have great effects on the spiritual and mental health of its users. 

Diffuser and essential oils 

Currently, there are diffusers that look nicer than before. A diffuser in the room can add a decorative touch to the room or even act as a focal point when not being operated, and totally change the atmosphere of the room when you put it on. There are many types of essential oils to choose from depending on what you are going for. You can pick oils that help decrease depression or anxiety levels or even a scent to help you fall asleep faster. Not having enough sleep has been linked to serious health issues and should be avoided. 

Cute organisation items 

Marie Kondo was right, organising and decluttering have great results in making you feel relaxed. Somehow the clutter in your house has a way of creeping inside your mind and making you feel constantly in a state of unease. The Marie Kondo method has proved a huge success because it showed people how much easier their lives can be if they just organised them. Make sure you get organising items that look good and help you keep everything in its place at the same time. Whether you aim at installing more shelves for your books and nicknacks.

Bring the sunlight In

Nothing replaces the vitamin D you can get from being subjected to sun rays. Make sure you make good use of your balconies and windows and decorate them in a way that does not block the light yet does not make you totally exposed as well. With a little search, you can find a curtain that complements the decor of your living room or your bedroom without sacrificing functionality.  Shades also might do the trick. 

Whatever you end up using, make sure you make good use of the natural source of light in the few months it is available in your country. As for your balconies, you can always add some patio furniture and some artificial grass and make yourself a nice place to hang out with your loved ones and benefit from the positive effects of sun rays.

The mere act of decorating your home can be pretty spirit-lifting. Sometimes even changing the positions of your furniture can have an impact on how you feel. But other times you need something else to help bring more positive energy into your place and make it feel even more welcoming and inviting. Caring about your health is something you should never take lightly or postpone till later. Start investing on items that can help you feel more relaxed and positive now to have both pleasure and function included in your house. 

Ellen Diamond did her degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh. She is interested in mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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