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Hottest Goatee Beard Styles to Rock Now

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The goatee was not a common style among men in the past because many evil movie characters kept it. People started viewing goatees as evil and avoided the style. With time, people got used to the movie characters, and today, the facial hairstyle is becoming popular for guys who do not have full beards. 

Earlier, the style was characterised by a small tuft of hair on the chin, but today, it includes facial hair under the nose and around the chin. You can combine your beard style and moustache to create a stylish look. Some people also like to extend their hair to the cheeks to connect the goatee with sideburns. 

What to consider when choosing goatee style

One feature you should not ignore when choosing a goatee style is facial features. This includes the colour of the hair and its thickness. These contribute a lot to how your goatee will look, which also contributes to your entire look. 

Men with slim, angular faces look excellent in a goatee. According to MensHaircuts,  these men should strive to keep their facial hair short because letting the goatee grow long will make a face too lean. 

Men with round faces also look good in goatees because they make their faces appear slimmer. If your face is narrow, ensure you get the right length and width. 

Men with patchy and scruffy hair can try a soul patch. This style masks weak hair and makes the beard look fuller. Also Read: sakishears.com

Types of goatees

  • Classic goatee. This is the original style of a goatee and the most common style. The classic goatee is easy to shape since it is a patch of hair on the chin. The moustache is completely shaved together with all the hair around the neck and sides, leaving a patch only. 
  • Full goatee. The full goatee is also another standard style worn by many men. The moustache is present here. The hair moustache is let to make its shape around the lips and connect with the goatee. The style looks good on most face types, but you can try different lengths to see which one fits.
  • Dan Vyke goatee. Artist Antony Dan Vyke is known for this goatee style hence the name. The style looks like a full goatee. It has a moustache, but the goatee and the moustache are not connected; the style suits men whose beards don’t grow properly or grow unevenly.
  • The anchor goatee. The anchor goatee looks like an anchor. It features a goatee and a moustache. The hair below the chin extends to the jawline and grows upwards towards the lower lip. The moustache is also present. 
  • Goatee with a beard. This is also another standard style that fits well for men with a full beard. Let the facial hair grow towards your ears and keep the goatee longer than the sideburns. The extra length makes this beard style different from a regular beard. 
  • Landing strip. As the name suggests, the landing strip type of beard features straight hair growing in the centre of the chin, usually under the bottom lip. The stylist cuts all the other facial hair. You can pair the goatee with a moustache or just keep it simple without a moustache.
  • Extended goatee. The extended goatee resembles a full goatee, which includes a beard and moustache. However, the beard is extended beyond the chin, into the jawline. This is a more casual beard style than the official.
  • Soul patch. For men with scanty facial hair, you are not forgotten when it comes to these classic beard styles. So, you can opt to shave the rest of your facial hair and remain with a small bunch of hair growing under the lower lip. You can have this piece only or pair it with a full goatee. Either way, no one will realise how much facial hair you can grow if that is your concern.
  • Long goatee. The extended goatee features a full beard and a goatee. With this style, the moustache extends into the beard and grows long downwards from the chin. No cheek or sideburns left. Also, the length you want your beard to grow depends on your preference.

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