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Hot Weather Causes a Huge Spike in Alcohol Drinking Levels, Survey Reveals

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According to a recent study, when the weather heats up, Brits gain a thirst for alcohol, with more than half stating that summer is the most popular time of year for drinking. 

The private rehab clinic Delamere team surveyed the British public to find out how drinking behaviour changes seasonally and why the UK overindulges. 

According to the research, 53% of people in the UK said they consume more alcohol during summer than in any other month. 

56% of women in the UK said summer was the most popular time of year for drinking alcohol; in comparison, 49% of men reported summer as the most popular time for consumption. 

This high consumption rate can be linked to the number of social events during this time of year, from barbeques to weddings and garden parties. So while it’s important to stay social and have downtime during summer, individuals should be cautious of overindulging. 

The survey found that 56% of people consumed alcohol for relaxation, 21% to reduce stress and 10% to enhance activity. After usage, 39% said they felt happier, and 24% felt less stressed.

Winter was the second most popular season for drinking, with 10% reporting this as the season where they increased their consumption.

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