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The Effect of Home Interiors on the Subconscious. How Do You Decorate Your Life?

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How often have you thought about how the home atmosphere affects your life, character and perception of the world? Meanwhile, the impact is huge: no matter what problems and troubles await us in the big world, home is a place where you can always hide from hard work, unpleasant people, the city bustle, relax and enjoy your favourite things. 

Your home is like the root of a plant, which gives it the grip on the ground, nourishes it with strength, does not let it get lost. The home interior can tell a lot about your individuality, outlook, hobby, habits, character, it is an important component of the micro-world of each person. BasePoint Psychiatry.com will definitely grant your wishes.

But not only personal features of a person affect the interior of the home, but also the environment itself subconsciously affects the human world-view, life attitudes and even the feeling of happiness. How to create an atmosphere in your home that will influence you in an extremely positive way, will help you fulfil your desires and find harmony? e. 

There are two ways to create a comfortable environment at home: one of them is the use of quiet, pleasant light tones, soft interior items, streamlined forms. The second way is to surround yourself with the brightness of colours and cheerful symbols. An important role in interior design in order to feel calm and harmony plays the temperament of the inhabitants of the house. 

There are four main types of temperament: choleric, sanguine, phlegmatic and melancholic. You can orient yourself to these types, or you can do this through your own sensations: if you are cheerful and energetic, then, most likely, you will be suitable for the second way to decorate the interior, as well as for cholerics and sanguine. If you are calm, reasonable, thoughtful, a real harmony you will find, decorating the house the first way, it is also suitable for phlegmatic and melancholic.

Cholerics and sanguine are characterized as very lively, emotional people. In a faded interior they will be bored, so if you consider yourself one of these types, do not spare the colours. Come up with a palette of 3–4 of your favourite colours, choose the right shades to match them well. If you’re not even planning a cosmetic repair yet, use accessories to transform your space. Spread out mats, bedspreads, tablecloths in the selected shades.

Decorate rooms with flowers. Buy bright vases with extravagant shapes and, even if bouquets are rare, buy fresh flowers yourself. Why not make yourself happy? Another option is to buy artificial ones.

Decorate a shelf or night stand with funny figures, photos of your loved ones and highlights in positive frames. Throw original pillows and soft toys on the bed and sofas. What you like more. Count that in an interior there were not less than 10 smiles: on photos, toys, clocks, pictures – it is one of the best life-affirming symbols. You can even buy mugs or stationery with smiley faces. After a while, you will notice that you smile more often. Fragrances at home matter a lot: Use dry flowers with fresh citrus, sweet floral, coffee or cinnamon smell.

James Wallace has been an advocate for mental health awareness for years. He holds a master’s degree in counselling from the University of Edinburgh.

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