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Holistic Dentistry: A Hot New Trend in Vancouver

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Holistic dentistry is a new trend emerging in Canada, focusing on alternative dentistry, and offering an unconventional approach to traditional dentistry models. Holistic dentistry aims to look after the entire body, rather than just focusing on the mouth. It seems like an interesting idea, but how much should it be taken seriously?

Holistic methods in dentistry are different from those in regular dentistry practice. Should Vancouverites be embracing this new uptick in popularity? Or will holistic dental care always be viewed with suspicion?

What exactly is holistic dentistry?

A holistic dentist works on the principle that the jaw and the teeth are an integral part of the whole human body. Rather than focusing on how the teeth are doing and what can be done to improve oral care, holistic dental care considers oral ailments as part of the whole. This enables the practitioner to gain a wider understanding of the patient and to treat not just toothache but overall wellbeing.

More about holistic dentistry treatments

You’re not likely to encounter holistic treatments in most of your regular downtown Vancouver dentist surgeries. The holistic approach is rather unconventional, and treatment strategies are therefore somewhat unorthodox. You may encounter hypnosis, Ayurvedic medicine, or herbology in a holistic surgery for teeth. While traditional dentists use fillings and offer root canals, their holistic counterparts are more likely to provide massage and visualisation. All of these techniques are widely used and accepted as part of alternative medicine, although in the dental world they are far from commonplace.

Biocompatible materials in holistic dentistry

Mercury fillings have long been viewed with mistrust. Holistic practitioners go one step further and ensure that all treatments are biocompatible – they work with the body, and not in a battle against it. Materials used in holistic treatments must resonate with the body’s natural energies and state. The dentist will check that this is the case before he or she proceeds with treatment.

How to pick a holistic dentist

There is no governing board that oversees holistic dentists’ practice, unlike with traditional dental practitioners. They have independence and can practice as they see fit, in line with industry standards. This makes it difficult to assess whether a practitioner is trustworthy and professional. It helps to have a recommendation of a good holistic therapist to help you with your teeth. Otherwise, try looking at directories on the main holistic health websites.

Remember that holistic dentistry is unlikely to be covered by dental insurance in Canada. You’ll need to find a private dentist and treatment prices can be high. Ask about payment options, so you can spread the cost if you choose to go down this route.

As with any medical practice, the choice of technique and physician is entirely personal. You may want to give holistic dentistry a try, or you may need to avoid the whole concept like the plague. Whatever your opinions, there is no doubt the practice is rapidly growing in popularity in the Vancouver area.

Ellen Diamond did her degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh. She is interested in mental health, wellness, and lifestyle. 

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