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How to Attain Freedom for Life

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The devil is in the details, they say. Be it our daily lives, thinking, or actions, we often gloss over the finer points and focus only on the bigger picture. By taking conscious steps towards attaining our best and keeping on doing so, we can start to uncover what really matters.

The small things that get overlooked add up over time into either obstacles or opportunities. Becoming more detail-oriented takes effort but pays off with greater understanding and better outcomes. If we make a habit of questioning assumptions and analysing each component, the devil loses its grip and the path opens up for progress.

Follow your path 

Do what makes you happy and gives you a sense of fulfilment. Take action without hesitating. The difference between you and the person taking that certain first step can be grit only! Follow your instincts, talents, and skills! They are a roadmap to what you should be doing. Most people don’t realise their dreams because of this. If you are uncertain, ask a friend or family member about your strengths, or ask yourself, What can you best help others with? Is it financial, medical, or relationship advice? This should be the path of your career.

Focus on your actions

You can have an entire library of amazing books, listen to all the fancy podcasts, and even hire a coach or facilitator to help you attain your goals. Your actions define you. If you are not breaking it down and putting in the right effort, they can remain unattainable and far-fetched dreams. How do you realise the benefits of all your study and hard work? Take the first step, and trust yourself under any circumstances. Start taking one action right now. It can be a relationship, financial, diet, career, or any goal. If you take this crucial step, you have a great chance of succeeding. Take the next step.

Find your dream career 

In pursuing a life marked by freedom, discovering the ideal job is key to finding the perfect work-life balance. It’s a search that begins with leveraging the best job search platforms, such as Lensa, which guides individuals to career opportunities that resonate with their unique talents and ambitions. Lensa epitomises the bridge between potential and actualisation, offering a strong portal where one’s skills are matched with suitable job prospects. This balanced alignment between one’s abilities and one’s profession is the route to personal liberty. When the work one does is in sync with one’s passions and strengths, you will find genuine satisfaction and autonomy.

Be good to yourself

Having a busy career, family life, small children, and extra projects can make us forget about our basic needs, like resting, playing, learning, and sleeping enough. If you list your priorities daily, including time for self-care, it gets easier. Include enough sleep and time for additional rest if needed; plan to eat fresh and wholesome foods; and do your preferred exercise 3–7 times weekly. You can start by walking fast to pump up your heart rate if you need to restart.

The more kinds of exercises you do, the better!. Have a day or two completely off, keep your place and life tidy, share quality time with your loved ones, and remember to smile a lot!

Celebrate your successes

When you tirelessly work towards something and achieve great results – completing an online course, a project, a month of hard work, financial success – give yourself a break and pamper yourself. Go to that new fancy restaurant you have been craving to try, take a few days off, and spend it somewhere cosy to recharge your batteries.


Research shows that giving back to society makes us happier, healthier individuals. Spending time with others, volunteering, and helping raise money makes you more content. If you are privileged to be in a better position than the average person, think of ways to donate. It can be clothes you don’t use, offering your time to listen to others in difficult situations, supporting third-country individuals, an animal shelter, healthcare, or any great cause you feel a calling to help out. 

Save or invest monthly

Saving a dedicated amount each month in your savings account provides you with some security for the future. The minimum amount you should be aiming for is 10–15% of your monthly income. If you make this a habit and aim to never skip it, you can have a decent amount of savings piled up in 5 years. The other option, if you have a larger sum available, is to invest monthly for 20–30 years. Even if you start small, at $10,000, you can earn a more decent sum on longer periods of investments after taxes if you are patient.

Samantha Green, a psychology graduate from the University of Hertfordshire, has a keen interest in the fields of mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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