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Best Hobbies to Help You Promote Positive Mental Health

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During this lockdown, many people have been struggling to find productive activities to keep their minds busy and creative. It hasn’t been easy for most people to have their routine schedules completely turned upside down since most of them lost their jobs or don’t have the possibility to do their daily habits outside their house. This can have a serious impact on your mental health, and studies have shown that this pandemic will bring a lot of issues not only in our financial or social lives but also in our personal development. 

We need to step up. Don’t let this pandemic take your true concept of living. It’s to reinvent ourselves, and who knows? We’ll probably come across new activities that can totally change your perspective of living during these uncertain times. And I’m here to help you figure that out. 

Stuck at home, aren’t we? You don’t have too much to do and the time seems to pass way more slowly than it actually is. Continuing our hobbies outside it’s impossible, so let’s find out what we can do indoors. Here are a number of productive ideas that can help relieve your stress, anxiety, and boredom. 

Make your own furniture

Do you have any room available in your own house? Somewhere you can go and get lost in your mind and thoughts? Why not turn that room into a Woodworking shop? Yes, this can be applied to everyone. It’s messy, although mindful activity and a lot of people don’t have a ‘shop station’ space that they can use.  

Woodworking requires dedication and effort, but it can seriously be a joyful activity since you are now creating something of your own, from scratch! And, believe me, it’s cheaper than buying a new coffee table, for example. This can be a far-reaching improvement in your personal achievements. 

There are a lot of ‘budget-friendly’ items you can find online, without losing time going to a DIY store, like the best sanders for furniture, and if you’re a bit lost there are plenty of websites and tutorials to help you get started and requiring every material you’ll need. 

Become a yoga master 

Studies have shown that Yoga it’s a great way to cope with your stress and anxiety levels. While losing weight, which has serious impacts on your health, it will also have numerous effects on your mental function.

By reducing the stress, meditation will help you increase the serotonin levels and put you in a calm and relaxing environment. The breathing exercises will be a total life changer, even if you find yourself in a conflictual situation in the future. By educating your body and mind, you’ll feel a whole lot better dealing with stress issues that come across in your daily routines. 

There are countless YouTube tutorials or Online Courses where you can start. Feel free to join this community and change the total spectrum of your life

Custom painting

If you’re not much of a Yoga fan, other activities can keep your mind occupied and relaxed. And who knows? Maybe you’ll find your passion. Try custom painting.

Even if you’re not much of an artist, several paintings are detailed by numbers and will help you choose that colour that corresponds. Having your mind organised and restricted to one activity and one function will help you get more and more synchronised and concentrated while turning a beautiful painting into a masterpiece without too much effort.

Stay safe

Discovering new activities can be fulfilling, and gives you a sense of accomplishment.

Since the coronavirus spread all over the globe, neuroscientists have proved that depression and anxiety issues have increased, especially in young people. It’s inevitable to become bored without knowing why. You’ve already binge-watched every TV programmes available, and did every work out on the book. It’s time to boost your home station and discover new passions with the help of best websites.

Take care of your mental health, especially now. I’m sure that with these indoor activities, you’ll find peace in your body and tranquillity in your mind.

Tommy Williamson did his degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh. He is interested in mental health and well-being.

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