HIV Psychosocial Network and UEL Civic Engagement

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Announcement, (2018, November 16). HIV Psychosocial Network and UEL Civic Engagement. Psychreg on Mental Health & Well-Being.
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Report launch from the HIV Psychosocial Network
10 years after: An ‘austerity audit’ of services and living conditions for people living with HIV in the UK, a decade after the financial crisis.
HIV Psychosocial Network
20 November 2018, 3.30-5.00 pm, River House, Rutland Grove, Hammersmith, London W6 9DJ

With Fungai Murau (4MNet), Winnie Sssanyu-Sseruma, Tomas Campbell, Priyanka Goel (Naz Project), Garry Brough (Positively UK), Jane Anderson (Homerton Hospital), and Andy Slaughter (MP and member of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on HIV/AIDS)

Chair: Sanny Mulubale, University of East London and University of Zambia

Enormous progress has been made in tackling the HIV epidemic. Many people with HIV are leading healthy and happy lives, with fulfilling relationships and work. Yet problems remain. Significant numbers of people with HIV have health difficulties, those from less powerful communities may be ‘left behind’, and psychosocial issues related to HIV remain under-addressed. In addition, since 2008, the financial crisis and accompanying UK ‘austerity’ policies have generated cuts in health and especially social services that have severely affected HIV services and the lives of those living with the virus.

The HIV Psychosocial Network has conducted an HIV Austerity Audit to determine the effects of the past decade of austerity on the HIV sector and the lives of people with HIV.

The ’10 Years After’ report presents the results of that audit.

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