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Highest-Paying Jobs in UK’s Video Game Industry, New Study Reveals

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A new study revealed that game developers, marketing managers and QA testers are the professionals in the video games industry earning the highest salaries. 

The study, conducted by online gaming platform Solitaired, analysed UK data for the different video game roles and ranked them according to the average annual salary for each role in the UK. 

According to the results of the study, game developers are the highest-paid job in the UK, with an average yearly salary of £43,469. Game developers’ main task is to take video game designers’ ideas and concepts and write the code for the game to suit an array of different formats, such as consoles, PCs and mobiles.  

The findings show that marketing managers are the second most profitable profession in the video game sector in the UK, earning an average annual salary of £38,278.  

Taking care of the promotional aspects of the game, marketing managers develop and implement marketing strategies to meet consumer needs and maximise the companies’ financial profits. 

With an average yearly salary of £35,919, video game QA testers are the UK’s third-best paid video game job. QA Testers set up plans to test video games software, find and fix bugs and generally improve the service.  

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