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Hero or Diva – Which Are You?

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Life as an urban diva can be rushing around in high heels or hero easy on the eyes, with a zillion appointments, partying till the wee hours. In other words, I would say it is a pretty hectic life. Treating yourself well to some extent will trickle down to everything else in life – your partner, friends, budding love life, classmates, co-workers, etc. Enjoy a great spa day or a pampering glamorous makeover. Leave the hustle behind and find your own happy time.

Me time

Do yoga, play the guitar, sing songs, design any dress or spend leisure time doing things you like and, if you still think you can never re-connect after a career break then engage by keeping your brain busy with quality ‘me time’. Age is no bar to learning. I bet you will definitely fall in love with your life again.

Gimme five

Happy high five. If five minutes is all one can muster, go grab it – recharge your life. We trap ourselves in cocoons away from our dreams and passion for life. Wonder what would happen if, for once, you are late to the office, or if a mother becomes bad by dropping her kid in the daycare for 2-3 hours. Start loving and living your life again.

Chocolate manicure

Chocolate – eat it. Cosset yourself with chocolates. Chocoholics help themselves improve their mood with a glow of delicious and pretty happiness. Considering yourself a top priority is hard when you have a seemingly endless obligation to what you may dislike, and chocolate isn’t the one I am sure. Chocolate is a bonus.

Rock on

Define what is boring to you. Minus the pummeling and painful ways to expand the horizon of the unexplored. Push aside the unwanted, whether it’s material or inside you, and wake yourself up from the drowsy times. Spice up your life and find yourself accountable for great quality times that satisfy you.  

Make it count

Count on priorities. Time is just running errands. Perhaps silly, but I think of it as only a reminder for a great session that could be just as well as a snag in the fabric giving you a diva, or a hero, essence. You don’t need a calendar for an important event. Simply settle yourself with a cup of warm tea, music, exercise or whatever, but it has to be for you.

Restore grace

It is okay to buffer your time. Say ‘no’ gracefully. Restore happiness and get help, irrespective of what it takes. It is easy saying ‘no’, but that may make you feel guilty for not sparing your time for others or for yourself. It will remain vital to spend time according to your adroitness. 

Maximise your interests

Find trivial things interesting. Like shower time with nice warm stress-free breaths or bath time. Treat yourself with a gateway to love, value the time happily. Most people are busy driving cars to the office for work, hence making them devoid of enjoying these brief, yet prized, periods of worry-free moments.

Carve happiness – remember which hero you are.

Jashan Jot Kaur is a researcher at Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana.

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