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Here Are Britain’s Worst Spots for Drug Culture. London’s Not Top of the List

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Drugs are often used in the British party scene, in order to enhance the effects of alcohol. According to recent reports, the UK’s attitude towards using drugs has meant that as a country ‘we take more drugs than anywhere else in the world.

But where in the UK has the most toxic drug culture?

As part of a new study, the data specialists at Private Rehab Clinic Delamere, have analysed a number of different factors including the number of people per city who have experimented with drugs, the number of drug poisonings, the number of searches per month for drug rehabilitation and more, to reveal which areas of the UK had the worst attitude towards drug culture.

Despite having a larger population it wasn’t London that took the top place on the list. In fact, coming in the first place was the Midlands city Birmingham. 

The city scored a disappointing 6.1/50 overall, thanks to a massive 10,525 people in the city who had experimented with opiates and crack cocaine in their lifetime. The city also received a worrying mark because of its 81 drug-related deaths. 

Coming in second place on the list was Leeds, with an overall score of 7.8/50. When it came to recorded numbers of drug poisonings, 78 cases were found, as well as 300 searches per month for drug rehabilitation. 

In third place was London, with a score of 10/50.

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