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Hens with Heart – Almost Half of Brits Would Spend Their Hen Do Volunteering for a Good Cause

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The latest national wedding survey commissioned by Hitched revealed that almost a fifth of newlyweds in 2022 included eco-friendly elements in their wedding days, from upcycled décor and rented outfits to reusable tableware and sustainable catering. 

But when it comes to the pre-wedding activities, it seems the priority for eco-friendly options still needs some work.

In a recent poll of hen party attendees, wedding experts at Hitched.co.uk discovered that an eco-friendly hen party was only a priority for 15% of respondents. However, another 25% said that being eco-conscious was something to consider.

Additionally, when it comes to volunteering activities as part of a hen does, most of those polled had no idea this was an option. 

Amy Sillince, founder of Hens with Heart, the first platform dedicated to encouraging hen parties to do good things for others, tells Hitched: “I don’t think many people have experience with volunteering, so it’s hard to imagine how you can turn that into a fun activity at a hen party, or where to start in finding it. 

“That’s why I created Hens with Heart! We give you the ideas and the charity contacts to make it easy to bring something charitable into your hen party in a way that the bride and her friends will love!”

When it comes to the types of activities hens can participate in as part of their wider party, there are many options. While the poll data shows a preference for something outdoorsy like a beach clean (60%), almost a quarter of respondents said they’d happily do something more community based, like spending time with older people, creating care packages, or volunteering at a community farm.

Amy tells Hitched: “The simple activities are often the most popular because they can be worked in with the rest of the day or weekend. They can do things at the venue they’re staying or incorporate them into another activity are nice. 

“Making a birthday cake for a family who can’t afford one or doing a collection of personal care items to send to Smalls for All or Beauty Banks are so simple – it doesn’t even feel like volunteering, but you’re making a big impact for someone else!”

It’s not just volunteering activities that can make a real difference during hen parties; as Amy says: “Fundraising is another great way to give back. By giving just 1% of the hen party budget to charity, Amy explains that these parties could help to raise more than £3 million per year in donations. 

“We are privileged to be able to spend a lot of time and money at hen parties, and I think it’s important to recognise that. Giving back as part of your hen party can be easy and cheap for everyone involved, but what you pass on collectively makes a huge difference. Hen parties are full of love and good vibes, and I hope we can spread that to others as well!”

The charities hens are choosing to support vary, according to Amy, but they usually are ones close to happy couples. “Outdoorsy couples might choose the Marine Conservation Society, while those who love fashion and beauty could support Oxfam or the Beauty Banks, and hens who love crafting tend to choose Post Pals.”

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