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How to Help Someone with Drug or Alcohol Addiction

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In a report released by the NHS, it was revealed that in 2015–2016, there were around 1 in 12 adults aged 16–59 who had taken an illicit drug. This equates to around 2.7 million people. Meanwhile, it was reported that in 2015, there were 6,813 deaths which were related to the consumption of alcohol, which accounts for 1.4% of all deaths in the UK.

Drug and alcohol addiction is such a horrible situation. But there are rehabilitation centres across the UK that can offer help to someone you know who struggles with drug and alcohol addiction. Although there are so many addiction centres in the country, it is crucial that you find one that truly understands your needs in order to help you with your recovery journey. 

At Serenity Health you can benefit from expert advice and support on anything relating to drug or alcohol addiction. They know what you’re going through as they have been there themselves. That is why all their counsellors have completed a drug or alcohol rehab, or both, and they are committed to helping others find a successful drug or private alcohol treatment centre that works for you.

Alcohol rehab programme

If you have tried to stop drinking and failed every time on your own, then an alcohol rehab programme can be the right step for you. For anyone who is suffering with an alcohol problem, a rehab programme can be the way forward to help you safely withdraw. Alcohol rehab programmes are designed to help you beat your addiction with alcohol in a safe and structured environment.

Serenity Health are regarded as the top alcohol rehabilitation centre in the UK, where they offer residential alcohol rehab programmes and day care. As a private alcohol rehab centre, they have a proven record of successful rehabilitation.

If you are struggling with depression or need addiction treatment for drugs or alcohol rehabilitation, they can help you through their rehab programmes. Depending on quantities and length of time of use, an alcohol rehab programme usually lasts from seven days to six weeks but can take longer, if necessary. 

Alcohol detox 

When you call Serenity Health to make enquiries in relation to alcohol detox clinics in the UK, you will be happy to hear a friendly and understanding voice at the other end of the phone. All of their staff have had personal experience with alcohol withdrawal and, as such, possess a real understanding of what you are going through.

During your call, they will carry out a quick and easy assessment in order to ensure that they understand what steps would be best suited to your individual needs. This also gives them the opportunity to give you some advice on alcohol detox and what you can expect from this alcohol withdrawal treatment

Drug rehab programme

At Serenity Health, they have helped thousands of families deal with drug addiction and other related problems such as alcohol addiction. They understand the situation because they’ve been there. And they can help you to turn this situation around.

They are a well-established private residential rehabilitation centre of healthcare excellence providing treatment services for a wide range of issues relating to depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and alcohol and drug rehab. If lifelong sobriety and freedom from drug addiction is your goal then an inpatient drug rehab programme is the best choice.

It’s necessary to enter an inpatient drug rehabilitation centre for full detox and withdrawal. You’ll also spend time learning new tools and skills that will help you when you return home. You’ll be able to re-enter society and lead a productive, accomplished, and drug-free life.

Drug detox 

Deciding to seek help or advice about your drug problem and drug withdrawal can seem like an insurmountable decision; however, at Serenity Health their specialist staff are highly trained and experienced in dealing with drug withdrawal. Contacting their staff could be one of the best decisions you could make.

Their quick and easy phone assessment will give you an understanding of what help they can offer but also give them a better understanding of your problem.

Their team is not only highly trained but, more importantly, they have personal experience with drug addiction and they believe this is vital in understanding what you are going through. If you decide that their drug detox treatment is the right step for you, the next process is coming to their retreat.

Upon arrival, you will be greeted by their friendly support staff before being medically assessed by one of their specialist practitioners. They also insist on you seeing one of their specialist general practitioners, so you can be sure that your drug detox will be fully managed by their medical team to facilitate your drug withdrawal.

Another option is the home detox, which is an effective alternative to treatment in a residential clinic and can provide an appropriate, medically supervised way to clear your body of alcohol or drugs. Delivery of their high-quality service in your own home enhances confidentiality and substantially reduces costs. Treatment usually extends over a week to ten days. This programme is also offered as a home alcohol detox.

Serenity Healthcare advantage

People addicted to drugs or alcohol will have taken on much more than the drugs themselves – if the problem is really acute, it is highly likely that the environment they are living within is a drug culture. In this environment, drugs can be seen as currency – just part of normal everyday life.

It is an environment where drugs are considered to be gods, and they are always the final goal. They are taken habitually and as a matter of routine. To decide not to take drugs would often be seen as unconventional to friends of the addict.

The temptation for the individual trying to come off drugs in this kind of arena would be almost virtually impossible. Their residential drug rehabilitation centres in the UK offer tailor-made addiction recovery programmes, helping clients turn sober in a smooth, painless way. Their drug addiction rehab programme focuses on holistic healing therapies that are used to help an addict to get through one of the most difficult phases in their life.

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