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Heather Ness received her MS in clinical psychology at Clayton State University. During her time there she participated in research projects focusing on social priming of flags and social symbols. Living with her family and menagerie of pets in Macon, Georgia, she currently teaches courses at her bachelor’s degree alma mater, Middle Georgia State University.

She has developed and teaches a “Psychology of Superheroes” honours introduction class exploring psychological themes in film, animation, and graphic novels. She is currently creating a superhero psychology blog and textbook. She is also researching the psychological effects of superheroes in culture, piloting a survey study to gather further data, and plans to extend this research to a future dissertation.

Her research interests include teaching methods to enhance student motivation and the social/emotional impact of superhero mythology. She has guest written an article for the Psychreg blog and appeared on Psychreg podcast. She looks forward to working on the Psychreg Journal of Psychology and making psychological concepts more accessible to the public. You can follow her on Twitter @super_psyc 

Published: 10 February 2017

Last updated: 29 June 2019



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