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New Research Highlights Link Between Heartburn and Mental Health: Break the Cycle with 24-Hour Solution

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With World Mental Health Day (on Saturday 10th October 2020) just around the corner, there is no better time to reflect on and care for your mental well-being.  

Often overlooked physical ailments can take a hidden toll on your mental health, as shown in recent research that demonstrates the psychological impact of heartburn. During a cross-sectional study, researchers discovered a 41% prevalence of depression among heartburn patients suffering with chest pain, highlighting the need for holistic care and effective heartburn relief in improving patient quality of life. 

In addition, heartburn can itself be triggered by the effects of mental health, with research showing that those with anxiety were more likely to experience symptoms of heartburn than those without. This is potentially due to heightened muscle tension around the stomach, as well as increased acid production when stressed. 

The intricate relationship between heartburn and mental health may lead to a vicious cycle of increased worry and ongoing pain, as sufferers overlook symptoms and struggle to break the chain of discomfort.  

Pyrocalm Control, containing omeprazole, the ingredient most prescribed by GPs, is a new solution now available online to break the cycle and provide 24-hour relief from heartburn. 

Regularly affecting over a quarter of the British population, almost everybody will experience some form of heartburn or acid reflux at some point, a common condition caused by the valve at the bottom of the oesophagus letting stomach acid escape upwards towards the throat.  

However, if reoccurring, heartburn and indigestion can dramatically impact all areas of wellbeing. Of those affected overnight, 75% report difficulty sleeping, which is likely to have a knock-on effect across mood and productivity the following day. Frequent pain as well as the social implications of symptoms have been shown across extensive research to have a profound effect on the mental health of sufferers

Multiple scientific studies have highlighted the value of effective heartburn relief in improving quality of life. Freedom from the symptoms of heartburn allows those affected increased confidence to enjoy meals, socialise and exercise without discomfort, increasing all-round well-being. 

Fortunately, those suffering can find relief through simple lifestyle changes and over the counter medication, as recommended by GP Dr Sarah Jarvis: ‘Try to identify foods that trigger your heartburn and eat accordingly. Common offenders include fatty and spicy foods, as well as coffee and alcoholic drinks.  

‘Avoid eating heavy meals near bedtime to allow your stomach time to digest before lying down. Not wearing tight clothes around your tummy and losing weight will also help by reducing pressure on the stomach. 

For mild, occasional heartburn, medicine to neutralise the acid from your stomach can help. But for more frequent heartburn, medicine which stops heartburn at the source, reducing the amount of acid your stomach produces, will bring longer-lasting relief. 

‘I, like most GPs, recommend proton pump inhibitors such as omeprazole because they provide effective relief over a whole 24-hour period. Because they reduce acid production, they can also reduce inflammation and scarring on the lining of your gullet.’

Pyrocalm Control, containing omeprazole, the ingredient most prescribed by GPs, is on hand to break the cycle and provide 24-hour relief from heartburn, without the need to see a doctor. 

Whereas other treatments mask the problem, Omeprazole, the ingredient most frequently prescribed by GPs, blocks the release of acid at the source, decreasing acidity inside the stomach and leaving only a small amount required for digestion. 

In fact, a study published in the American Journal of Gastroenterology has concluded that effective treatment with Omeprazole is able to restore the Quality of Life of heartburn sufferers to a level comparable with that observed in a healthy population.

To avoid that burning sensation and for up to 24 hours of heartburn relief, simply take one Pyrocalm Control tablet in the morning with or without food and get your day, and night, back on track. Pyrocalm Control is also safe to take whilst pregnant and during breastfeeding but it is advisable first to consult your GP. 

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