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6 Tips for Healthier Takeaway Meals

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With the increasing number of weight-related issues, many people are now concerned about their health. For his reason, healthy dining has since become a norm in most households. Although most people prefer home-made meals, others order pre-made food due to the associated convenience. Have you been ordering takeaway meals that hurt your health or ruin your budget? It doesn’t have to be this way. There are various ways to order healthy pre-made food and stay in control of your ingredients.

Be wise with proteins

There are various protein rich-foods out there. These may feature meats, fish, chicken and more. But try low-calorie foods and go for chicken instead of beef or pork. You can as well order seafood and legumes. Legumes like beans are rich in fibre and are filling and healthy.

 Also, vegetarian meals are worth considering. Order ones with ingredients like chickpeas, hemp seeds and lentils and leave out the meats altogether. For the veggies, choose a veggie burger to increase your fibre intake and fuel your energy.

Veggies are a must-have

Eating pre-made meals doesn’t mean you skimp on vegetables. Most restaurants have a wide variety, and you can benefit from baby carrots, broccoli, lettuce, tomatoes and more. Go for veggies instead of starchy foods; they will keep you healthy and help you avoid overeating. Go for double veggies, add appetizers and a side salad o vegetable soup.

Avoid fried foods

Are you planning to order that plate of fried potatoes? It’s time to reconsider your choices. There are healthier options; these are baked, boiled, steamed or grilled. For instance, go for steamed vegetables instead of fried chicken. You can also choose steamed summer rolls and dodge those fried spring rolls. Moreover, avoid the sauces or order veggie-based sauces instead of cream-based ones.

Don’t forget some beans

Beans are fibre-rich, will renew your energy and lower your cholesterol levels. They are good for your cardiovascular health and digestion. To limit the fat, opt for vegetarian refried beans or legume loaded soups.

Avoid too much dairy

Dairy contains various healthy nutrients, but too much of it can derail your weight loss efforts. Takeaway meals with too much dairy won’t do you any good. The dairy ingredients that are often used are; sour cream or cheese. However, you can eat fewer calories by ordering low-fat cheese on the side or avocado. You can also request food with no dairy.

Be keen on the add-ons

Most takeaway meals come with extras, which is good. However, some can ruin your healthy food choices. Keep off chips, sodas and bread that come with pre-made orders. You can also request the restaurant not to include them.

Bottom line

Takeaway meals are convenient choices for anyone with a busy schedule. They are also great for events and will save you a lot of hassle associated with meal preparation. Nowadays, you can get healthy, vegan and vegetarian meals. The next time you order pre-made meals, go for healthy choices with lower calories and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

Dennis Relojo-Howell is the managing director of Psychreg.


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