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How to Break into Healthcare Administration Without Experience

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Getting a healthcare administration job is challenging, and it can become impossible for those who have no experience. Many people are looking for employment in healthcare administration, but they lack proper skills and working experience for the healthcare administration role. Starting a career in the industry can be a struggle, especially with no experience. But it is possible for people who earn a degree in healthcare administration first. 

How to get into healthcare administration

A person does not need to worry if they have no background in the industry. Earning a degree first is the key to entering a healthcare organization in a healthcare administration role. But entering this industry and building a career also requires some important tasks. 

  • Research. Keeping up with the news and latest trends of medical organizations is required to get a job. You need to research the medical industry through online news and articles. It will provide information on what is required to get a job. 
  • Network. You must connect with different people in the healthcare industry. It is crucial for making significant transitions in your career. You need to build relations with the right person who can help you enter the industry.
  • Accessing skills. You must know about your skills and determine which skills are most valued in the industry. When you understand the essential skills to enter the healthcare industry, become a professional, and provide health services, you can better hone those skills. 

Is it hard to get a job in healthcare administration without experience?

Many people think getting a healthcare administration job is very difficult, but it can become easier when people consider certain things. They have to face a lot of pressure getting a job in this industry and holding a professional position, but they do not have to worry about it. You just need to follow some good advice that can make guide you in the right direction. 

  • Perform research in the industry and keep an eye on online news. 
  • Determine the necessary skills and align them to your own to determine your calibre and areas for improvement.
  • Attend online lectures to increase and improve your job-related knowledge.
  • Build a powerful resume and cover letter to prove your skills and motivation for the position. 

Step 1: Join online classes or courses

Joining online lecture classes related to the healthcare administration position and other medical-related areas is a great way to build the knowledge needed for the role. With the help of these online courses, you can gain information that will help prove your proficiency in the industry when communicating with hiring managers.

The increased knowledge of the healthcare industry and administration can be better for you than industry experience, helping you get a job without having any experience in the healthcare field. 

Step 2: Attain a certification

Professional certifications in the healthcare administration job are not compulsory, and it is not an essential requirement to get a healthcare administration job. Still, it can increase the strength of your resume. Every person should consider attaining a certification because it can be very helpful and valuable when going for a healthcare administration position without experience. 

Different medical organisations in this industry give preferences to those fresh graduates or fresh applicants who have professional certifications. Some of the most important professional certifications are listed below. 

  • Certified Revenue Cycle Professional
  • Certified Medical Manager
  • Certified Compliance Technician

Step 3: Build a powerful resume and cover letter

A powerful resume is the most effective, valuable, and powerful tool for every fresh graduate in healthcare administration applying to get a job. If you are a fresh graduate and have no experience in the healthcare industry, you can still build a compelling resume and healthcare administration cover letter that will prove your worth.

Building a powerful resume can be a tricky task that can be difficult for many people. Your resume can highlight your educational history and current skills. Be sure that you focus on the relevant information related to the job role.  Another important tip in making a powerful resume is to keep all information aligned, so your paper has an attractive look. 

The cover letter is just as important because it tells about your ability in only a few words.  By building a resume and cover letter through getcoverletter.com, your best qualities will be highlighted appropriately, and your documents will be effectively managed and aligned with a neat and clean look. 


You have created a powerful resume through the use of an online cover letter resume builder. It is time to contact your friends and people in the industry. Networked with people who work in the industry can provide you with information on available vacancies. They can provide opportunities and help you forward your application documents to the organizations’ HR departments. 

Undoubtedly, healthcare organizations receive many job applications, and several applicants have good experience in the industry. But not just experience matters in the industry to get a job. An attractive cover letter and resume, knowledge about the industry, strong education, relevant skills, and certifications that prove your hard work can all be more valuable than experience, landing you the healthcare administration job of your dreams. 

James Wallace has been an advocate for mental health awareness for years. He holds a master’s degree in counselling from the University of Edinburgh.

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