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How to Heal Trauma and Emotional Pain with EDMR?

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EDMR stands for eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing. It is an integrative therapy. A lot of people rely on it as a treatment to get rid of (posttraumatic stress disorder) PTSD and trauma. With the passage of time, this therapy has grown a lot in popularity. 

There are a lot of conditions that can be treated by EDMR. This includes trauma, PTSD, eating disorders, addictions, phobias, anxiety, stress caused by chronic diseases, panic attacks and other related issues.

How does it work?

A lot of experts explain the working of EDMR with the following analogy. Assume that you get a physical wound by cutting your hand with a knife. The body will automatically begin to heal with the passage of time. Nevertheless, if there is any external object or a repeated injury happens, you will experience more pain and the wound will not heal. As soon as you remove the blockage, the healing will start to occur. 

When it comes to EDMR, the traumatic event that you have been through is an emotional or mental wound. Thus, the processing system of the brain automatically tries to heal the mental wound. 

Nevertheless, if the healing process is hindered from any other negative impacts, then the trauma can even multiply. As soon as you remove the blocks, the healing process will be effective to its core. 

The healing work

The specialist on EDMR is of the view that the main objective of this therapy is to process those experiences which are the cause of suffering and pain. However, this therapy does not entail talking about the past and recalling the experiences. Rather, special techniques are being used for the purposes of healing. 

As a result of this therapy, the patients are able to integrate their negative behaviours, emotions and bodily sensations. These emotions and experiences are then replaced with coping skills. These are effectively replaced with healthy behaviours and positive emotions. 

In this therapy, there are eye movements. As a result of such movements, the brain starts to make associations which helps in the integration of the disturbing memory. All the distress is then ultimately dissolved. 

What is the effectiveness?

A lot of people are not sure of how effective this therapy can be. There are various studies that have assessed the success rate of EDMR. The results show that it is one of the most effective therapies out there. There are many renowned and reputed organisations that have inclined in favour of these therapies. 

Conclusively, most of the experts have said that it is an effective tool and should be used if you are suffering from trauma or have suffered in the past. 

The bottom line

EDMR is a relatively new thing but it has gained traction in the past. This is due to its efficacy. Nevertheless, you should ensure that the right therapist is hired. This is to ensure that you get all the benefits that EDMR therapy has and get highly positive results. 

Ellen Diamond did her degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh. She is interested in mental health and well-being.

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