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Health Optimisation Summit Round-up

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Uniting the world’s greatest minds from the health, wellness, nutrition, fitness, functional and preventative medicine fields, last weekend’s sold-out Health Optimisation Summit 2022 sponsored by Body Bio was a sell-out success.

Health enthusiasts queued around the block eager to listen to world-famous visionaries in the wellness industry such as Ben Greenfield, Vishen Lakhiani, Darin Olien, Dr Jolene Brighten, Dr Satchin Panda and leading author John Gray, to name but a few. 

Some 35+ speakers all equally as passionate about sharing their knowledge, expertise and ground-breaking science to change the future of health gathered at the summit over the two days to discuss topics such as prevention over cure, outdated healthcare systems, circadian rhythms, sleep optimisation, breathing techniques, anxiety, sex optimisation, perimenopause and menopause, how to live a long and healthy life, stem cell therapy anti-ageing and much, much more.  

The world’s leading performance consultant and best-selling author Ben Greenfield pinned the annual event a must-visit, adding: ‘The Health Optimisation Summit is one of the events that I consider to be the top biohacking and wellness must do’s on the face of the planet. Definitely add this one to your bucket list.’

Attendees also put the latest in health tech and gadgets to the test from cryotherapy, ice baths, hyperbaric oxygen chambers, redlight devices, human chargers, nutritional supplements and infusions plus, discovered the latest meditation techniques, keto-friendly foods, biological testing kits, mushroom teas and coffees, breathing workshops and even got twisted and massaged by Eugene Butcher with some Acro Yoga. 

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