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Health Optimisation Launches New Supplement for Healthy Ageing and Improved Performance

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London-based health optimisation and precision nutrition platform humanpeople, has launched a new supplement to improve energy, exercise performance, brain health, sleep, DNA repair, and longevity.

NMN Pure is an ultrapure NAD+ booster featuring the anti-ageing ingredient β-nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN). Studies have shown that NMN supplementation supports healthy brain and cardiovascular function, better blood glucose balance, and enhances muscle strength and endurance. It also benefits energy levels, sleep, and skin health.

Research found that NMN can benefit people of all ages, as it improves athletic performance in the young and has healthy ageing benefits in those older. A randomised control trial published in 2021 tested NMN in 48 middle-aged amateur runners in training for six weeks; the group taking NMN had a significantly increased aerobic capacity and better endurance than the control group. 

Dr Geoff Mullan, co-founder and chief medical officer of humanpeople, said: ‘The last few years have seen huge leaps forward in research into longevity and healthy ageing. NMN is one of the supplements with a growing evidence base to benefit humans in the short and long term. It’s an exciting time, so I’m delighted to have launched NMN Pure. It’s just one of the ways we can help people live better for longer.’

NMN Pure offers a unique combination of features setting it apart from other NAD+ boosters on the market.

  • Ultra-high purity: The active ingredient of NMN Pure is 99.5% pure NMN, offering excellent absorption and bioavailability.
  • Optimum dosage: 500mg NMN daily, delivered in one capsule – a clinically tested safe dosage.
  • Superior chemical form: NMN is the most direct NAD+ booster. Unlike other precursors, it requires only one conversion step to create NAD+.
  • Quality assured: NMN Pure is produced in the UK by an ISO-certified company using GMP guidelines and third-party lab testing.

While NMN is effective on its own, humanpeople has combined it with resveratrol and quercetin to create its NAD+ Booster Pack, maximising the benefits. NMN can also be included alongside other supplements as part of humanpeople’s personalised healthyageing supplement subscription service.

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