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Annual Information on the Health and Care of People with Learning Disabilities Published

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Information on the health of people with learning disabilities in 2018–19 has been released today by NHS Digital.

Health and Care of People with Learning Disabilities, 2018–19 summarises data relating to 54% of patients in England on key health issues for people recorded by their GP as having a learning disability. It also includes comparative data about patients recorded by their GP as not having a learning disability, to show differences in health and care between the two groups.

For the first time, this publication contains a standardised mortality ratio, comparing mortality for those with a learning disability against those without.

The publication also covers:

  • Prevalence of learning disabilities
  • Learning disability health checks
  • Life expectancy
  • Cancer screening

Statistics about the prevalence of various health conditions, such as epilepsy and heart disease, are also included.

Trend data is available for 2018–19 and the preceding four years, broken down to Clinical Commissioning Group level.

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