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Nutritionist Reveals Health Benefits of Tomatoes

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To celebrate British Tomato Fortnight (23rd May-5th June), meal box delivery company, Green Chef, has provided expert advice on the health benefits of tomatoes and the perfect recipes to enjoy this summer. 

Are tomatoes good for you? is a question that sees nearly 4,000 average online searches every month in the UK. Registered nutritionist and chef Anna Tebbs from Green Chef has explained the health benefits of tomatoes and why you should be including these in your diet. 

Anna explains: ‘Tomatoes are a great addition to your diet. They are full of vitamin C, vitamin K, and potassium, containing key nutrients we need to live a healthy lifestyle. Tomatoes also make you feel fuller for longer due to the amount of fibre they contain, helping you to snack less and reduce any cravings you may get throughout the day.’

Best tomato recipes

After analysing Google Trends data, Green Chef has found a surge in interest in certain tomato-based recipes. 

Anna states: ‘As we head into tomato season, it is no surprise that searches for tomato pasta recipes and salads are on the rise. A lighter, yet filling meal, is much preferred as the summer months approach.’

‘The great thing about tomatoes is they are such a versatile ingredient. Whether roasted in the oven or eaten fresh from the fridge, you can chop, dice and crush tomatoes to add extra flavour to any meal.’

Here are some of Anna’s favourite tomato-based recipes to try at home

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