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Healing the World with Peace and Serenity

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The world is connected into a community with a diverse extent of mankind. This gives shape to the sense of significance, peace, and harmony. Peace and serenity is a pre-requisite for a stable, ordered society.

As Heart Victor quotes to eliminate the unnecessary fights among mankind and cultivate strong individuals in the nations for security and prosperity. He searches for an ideal long-lasting path that means to deal with disputes and conflicts with principles to further the welfare of individuals as well as the well-being of mankind.

High wisdom

Infinite cultures have vanished as soon as they appeared or were forgotten, being limited to a certain period. Attaining peace and harmony is the high wisdom that Heart Victor tries to possess for determining the depth of vision and exploration of progress. Many in the world do not love peace and pursue harmony, which even history shows that all the thoughts are against it where people perish. Here is how Heart Victor tries to make mankind practice peace and harmony.


Practising balance and eliminating discrepancies between rich and poor will inculcate equality amongst the population. He tries to consolidate and enhance friendships by conducting dialogues with the children who are examples of global cultures. Spiritual and mental state embodies health and morality which brings happiness into the tradition.

International realisation

There is no normal activity in human society that is not valuable. Culture is the mainstream value to implement peace in the areas of social life with steady development. He believes that although the realisation of harmony is difficult, insight without global trust is merely a theory with formality. He continues to integrate the in-depth pressing needs for urgency into human society.


Heart Victor is passionate about changing the status of the world as a whole to reflect on the reality of the cultural diversities that will be rooted upon to pursue the unitary approach of eliminating the conflicts and creating stability ethically. Certainly, the result in false judgments will be scratched off, giving birth to ultra-emotional reactions of love and unity.

Venture endeavours

Resolving tensions with sincerity is what he wishes each individual to realise as a matter of peace. Regard the values with varying environments in the cultures to a common goal of the well-being of the globe. Encouraging practice methods, and thinking for the betterment with a long-term exploration of happy endeavours are a unique manifestation is what he believes should exist. More and more people must fit in this mode of practice of bringing peaceful nations.

Attitudes and ethics

Regarding selfless love is the fundamental tenet. We are at present in a critical moment where humanity is experiencing a crisis of values, and respect for life forms. People suffer from corruption, conflicts, drug abuse, organised crime, and many other negative elements we see in the world. Lack of global ethics, universal principles of life and moral attitude must be worked upon to hold Heart Victor’s hands towards happy prosperity and peace.

Jashan Jot Kaur is a researcher at Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana.

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