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Healingclouds Joins Forces with Employee Well-being Schemes to Offer Free Mental Health Webinars

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Online therapy platform Healingclouds is on a mission to make mental health support accessible to everyone.

As part of this drive, the therapy service has partnered with a number of health and well-being focused companies to offer a selection of insightful and interesting webinars and digital meditation events.

The webinars will run over two weeks and are completely free of charge to attend, a move which the Healingcloud’s team hope will enable as many people as possible to take part.

The webinars will give viewers the opportunity to harness and utilise new and useful skills to improve their mental health, with topics like ‘lunchtime meditation’ and ‘setting boundaries’ on the agenda.

The webinars, which are accessible via an online registration form, are part of a global effort to raise awareness of mental health and address the stigma associated with it, following World Mental Health Day on 10th October.

Each webinar is hosted with Healingclouds partners, with big names such as Juno, LEON, Anytime Fitness, Mindbody, Heka and Gympass involved.

Healingclouds CEO and founder, Asim Amin, said: ‘We are so thankful to our partners for supporting and joining us as we continue to raise awareness of mental health and well-being. 

‘We have tried to cover a range of topics across our webinars and hope by making them free, we can help as many people as possible.

‘If just one person goes away from a webinar feeling like it made a difference, we will be overjoyed.’

Healingclouds partners with companies like Juno and Heka to help create a community of support for well-being, providing access to its platform.

Healingclouds is a web-based mental health and well-being platform that connects users to a pool of therapists via video call, with 60 to 90-minute sessions available from as low as £35, making it one of the UK’s lowest price mental health services.

The service offers a range of therapies from approved and accredited practitioners, including cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), psychological counselling, and psychotherapy.

Users can address a number of concerns, from anxiety to addiction, as well as working on personal growth and relationships.

Webinars are free to attend, simply sign up via the Healingclouds forms below for each webinar, and login once you’ve received your confirmation email.

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