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The Hatton Garden Heist: What Happened to Hatton Garden Safe Deposit Ltd?

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In April 2015, Hatton Garden Safe Deposit Ltd, a high-security vault located in London’s jewellery district, became the scene of one of the most audacious heists in British history. This meticulously planned burglary captured the public’s imagination and eventually inspired a Netflix series, bringing the remarkable story to a global audience. This article delves into the details of the heist, the investigation, and its aftermath, as well as the cultural impact it has had.

The heist

The heist began over the Easter weekend, from the 2nd–5th of April, 2015. The criminals, later revealed to be a gang of elderly men with extensive criminal backgrounds, capitalised on the extended holiday period to avoid detection. The group, which would come to be known as the “Bad Grandpas,” comprised Brian Reader, John “Kenny” Collins, Terry Perkins, Daniel Jones, Carl Wood, and William Lincoln.

Using a combination of old-school techniques and modern equipment, the gang entered the building housing Hatton Garden Safe Deposit Ltd. through an elevator shaft. They disabled the alarms and CCTV cameras before drilling a hole into the thick concrete wall of the vault. Over the course of the weekend, they worked tirelessly to gain access to the safe deposit boxes.

The stolen goods

Once inside, the thieves meticulously emptied 73 out of 999 safe deposit boxes, making off with an estimated £14 million worth of cash, jewellery, and other valuable items. The heist’s scale and the age of the perpetrators fascinated the public and media, with many drawing comparisons to scenes from heist films.

The investigation

The initial police response to the heist was widely criticised. Despite an alarm being triggered on the night of the burglary, it was deemed a false alarm by the security company, and no immediate action was taken. It wasn’t until the vault was reopened after the Easter holiday that the theft was discovered.

The Metropolitan Police launched an extensive investigation, codenamed “Operation Weeting“. Using a combination of forensic evidence, surveillance footage, and intelligence gathering, they were able to piece together the gang’s movements. Key to the investigation was CCTV footage from nearby businesses, which captured images of the thieves and their vehicles.

The arrests and trials

The police arrested several members of the gang in the weeks following the heist. The other members came after Brian Reader, also known as the “Master.” The trial revealed that the gang had planned the heist meticulously, with some members even scouting the location months in advance.

In January 2016, most of the gang members were sentenced to prison terms ranging from six to seven years. However, despite the convictions, a significant portion of the stolen goods were never recovered. The gang members refused to reveal the whereabouts of the missing items, leading to ongoing speculation about their fate.

Cultural impact and the Netflix series

The Hatton Garden heist quickly became a cultural phenomenon, capturing the public’s imagination with its combination of old-school criminality and meticulous planning. The fact that the perpetrators were elderly men, defying the stereotypical image of high-stakes burglars, only served to enhance the story’s allure.

In 2019, Netflix released a series titled Hatton Garden, dramatising the events of the heist. The series received widespread attention for its portrayal of the gang and the intricate details of the burglary. It brought the story to a global audience, ensuring that the tale of the Hatton Garden heist would be remembered for years to come.

The series, while taking some creative liberties, stayed largely true to the real events, showcasing the gang’s planning, the execution of the heist, and the subsequent investigation. The show’s success highlighted the public’s enduring fascination with heist stories and the characters behind them.

Aftermath and legacy

The Hatton Garden heist has left a lasting legacy on both the public and the security industry. For the public, it is a story of audacity and intrigue, a real-life heist that rivals anything seen in movies. For the security industry, it was a wake-up call, highlighting the vulnerabilities in supposedly high-security environments.

In response to the heist, many businesses and security firms reassessed their security measures, implementing stricter protocols and investing in more advanced technologies to prevent similar breaches. The Metropolitan Police also faced scrutiny and criticism for their handling of the initial alarm, leading to changes in how such incidents are managed.


The Hatton Garden Safe Deposit Ltd. heist is one of the most remarkable burglaries in recent history. The combination of the elderly gang members, the meticulous planning, and the significant haul captured the public’s imagination and led to a popular Netflix series that immortalised the event. While the stolen goods may never be fully recovered, the story of the Hatton Garden heist continues to fascinate and inspire, serving as a reminder of the extraordinary lengths some will go to in pursuit of a big score.

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