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Harnessing the Power of Digital Marketing to Support Men’s Mental Health

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In 2023, 5,579 people committed suicide. It’s the biggest killer of men under 50. Despite huge progress in the media’s efforts to raise awareness, the fact remains that many men fail to open up about their problems before it’s too late. In this article, Will Hitchmough, founder at Wildcat Digital, talks about the potential for online content to support people through the lowest times in their lives and how his agency aims to help UK organisation Men’s Minds Matter do just that.

The term “silent crisis” is commonly associated with men’s mental health, as studies show men typically avoid seeking medical help for symptoms of poor mental health. Sadly, social stigma and outdated societal attitudes towards masculinity continue to present a huge barrier, preventing men from feeling comfortable acknowledging, discussing or seeking help for mental health issues. In fact, research shows that in the UK, men are nearly three times more likely than women to take their own lives.

Statistics also show that men prefer seeking support from digital platforms over friends or family. A UK report highlights that most men aged 18–24 find it easier to discuss stress and wellbeing online rather than face-to-face. Consequently, it’s crucial that men are able to find the information and support they require. As stated by Anthony Sossong, medical director for behavioural health care at Harvard University, “Digital platforms can be particularly helpful for men, who may be reluctant to seek out behavioural health care for fear of appearing weak and vulnerable.”

So, how does digital marketing come into play?

Will Hitchmough, CEO at Wildcat Digital, shares some of the best ways digital marketing can help more men find support for their mental health.

  • SEO and google ads: Digital marketing campaigns can help people in their hour of need. In today’s society, the first place people often turn to for mental health support is the internet. As a result, it’s important that your site targets the right search terms. Imagine finding out that the keyword “signs of suicide” has nearly 600 searches a month. It’s crucial that users find articles that speak to them and provide guidance for taking the next steps in their recovery, especially when they might be contemplating ending their lives.
  • Paid social media ads: Pay-per-click marketing can help target men in the most at-risk demographics and geographic locations, ensuring that men in need of mental health support are effectively reached with tailored content and resources.
  • Reduced stigma: Digital marketing can be used to create and promote content that addresses common concerns and misconceptions surrounding mental health among men, helping to reduce stigma and normalise seeking help. Using imagery and influencers to spotlight these matters is another great way to break down these rigid barriers.
  • Accessible information: By optimising website structure and navigation, digital marketing ensures that men can easily find relevant information and resources related to mental health, making it more likely that they will engage with and utilise available support services. This includes elements such as contact details and links to helpful resources.
  • Content: High-quality content marketing initiatives can offer valuable information, resources, and support to men facing mental health challenges, fostering engagement and trust. It is crucial that the content resonates with them and addresses their specific needs.
  • Mobile optimisation: With the increasing use of mobile phones, optimising content for mobile search enhances accessibility and convenience, allowing men to find support for their mental health needs anytime and anywhere.
  • Community building: Digital marketing can facilitate the creation and growth of online communities and forums where men can connect with others facing similar challenges, share experiences, and offer support in a safe and anonymous environment.

Men’s Minds Matter is a suicide prevention organisation founded by psychologist Dr Luke Sullivan alongside Nigel Sanderson, who brings valuable lived experience with mental health struggles. Using their specific backgrounds, the two have developed their own model for dealing with crises and suicidal ideation. In fact, it is the only model of its kind. Where most mental health charities deal with talk therapy, Men’s Minds uses an actual model that explains why we react to certain things in a negative way and how to deal with them. This unique model can help “solve” problems with suicide and make people better. The organisation also offers online resources, clinician training, and suicide training for carers, friends, families, and communities to help support people in a suicidal crisis.

To continue supporting at-risk men across the UK, Men’s Minds Matter is investing in its digital strategy to drastically increase the volume of vital donations through the website. Sheffield-based digital agency Wildcat Digital has been appointed to deliver a strategic SEO campaign to meet these targets while bolstering the organisation’s online presence. Through innovative digital strategies, Wildcat Digital will support Men’s Minds Matter to dismantle stigmas surrounding men’s mental health and ensure widespread access to vital support resources.

If your charity or organisation requires assistance with digital marketing, feel free to reach out to Wildcat Digital.

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