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The Happy Colours of the Sky Makes Me Feel at Peace

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The breathtaking scenery might perhaps be unappreciated by those people with no time to stare at the marvels and security above them. What do you see when you stare at the sky? How do you feel when you lay on the floor on your back and have a picturesque view above you? What happens when you see above the clear skies during the day or at star-twinkling nights? These may be a few of the questions, when some might like the answers, to understand the value of beautiful skies in life.

Boundless boundaries – a frontier

Gazing at the skies makes one really feel that there are no boundaries or limitations, no borders to gravity, space and time. Beyond our beautiful planet Earth, there lies a huge space of experiences that are unopened and unrevealed.

Massive aide-memoire – a magnitude

Staring at the massive skies with clouds rolling way past the trees and deep into the stars, it is an aide-memoire, however small they are. Nature and the clear or misty skies still offer all the certainty and the magnitude needed for the Earth to keep on going while one is uncertain or inconsistent.

Believe in beauty – a femme fatale

What is above us is most beautiful at its particular moment – skies, rainbows, the golden sun, the orange new moon and the stars – making skies resplendent full of solace and hope, rather than as a femme fatale that lures the men towards compromising situations. So, believe in beauty.

Away from the world – devious perfection

When things around us become so unclear, fuzzy, dubious and disorderly, we can always look above and see some awesomeness and magnificence. There is always something that reminds us that there could be a better direction which can turn perfect.

A present to our past – a cognisance

Everybody’s present has the past. The sky reminds us of our past and where we are coming from. There is a history of places and times before you when you look at the magnificent skies where you can see beyond where you are right now.

Ask questions – a wonderment

Sky gazing gears you with many questions of amazement and watering your curiosity. Perhaps you may not get enough because it keeps on changing or it opens new doors to the universe. So, staring at the skies and amusing yourself with intriguing questions is fun-filled.

Nature connection – embrace freedom

Looking at the colours of the skies helps to restore your hopes and expands your choice with soul-embracing nature, be it staring at any aerodrome beacon light far atop the tower. It is captivating and adds to the mysteries above us.

The most priceless thing it offers

Skies offer solace and peace which doesn’t cost anything, showering beauty and serenity that need not be paid for. Everybody is bestowed with bountiful marvels and abundance of the skies. Make a wish and everything in the skies is infinite. You can see things the way they are – real and pure. Beyond what you see on the media or what you are bombarded with by technology is free.

Jashan Jot Kaur is a researcher at  Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana.

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