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Dr Andy Cope & Professor Paul McGee Release ‘The Happiness Revolution: A Manifesto for Living your Best Life’

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Andy Cope and Paul McGee are the best-known UK experts on positive psychology and both have previous bestselling books individually – Andy’s previous bestseller is The Art of Happiness (among others) and Paul’s is S.U.M.O. This time they have worked together for the first time on a new, definitive book on happiness – a real book for our times.

The book, The Happiness Revolution: A Manifesto for Living Your Best Life, will be published on 10th June by Capstone. 

  • The book for our times. As we emerge from lockdown and re-evaluate our lives before and during the pandemic, we now have a unique opportunity for change and a more positive future.
  • A guide for everyone who feels that they are just muddling along. While we cannot be happy all of the time, we can learn how to live a less stressed and happier life.
  • Two of the best-selling experts in the field of positive psychology brought together for the first time and available for interview. 
  • Grounded in science and tested in life, The Happiness Revolution compiles all that we know about the science of happiness and presents it in a cheerful, often hilarious, and practical way – so that you can upgrade your well-being.

But here’s the good news. In The Happiness Revolution: A Manifesto For Living Your Best Life, bestselling authors Dr Andy Cope and Professor Paul McGee deliver a page-turning self-help book of the times, for the times.

As the world wakes up to a new kind of normal, The Happiness Revolution challenges readers to sign up for an uprising of well-being and to make the most of the privilege of being on this planet.

The book outlines a 10-point Happiness Manifesto. Grounded in the science of human flourishing and the reality of life, the principles are simple, do-able and above all make a difference not only to yourself but to others too. Let the fightback to mental wealth start right here.

Welcome to the global domination of the happiness kind and discover the following:

  • How to regain your sanity, clarity, and well-being, even when your smartphone, kids, spouse, job, and possessions seem to be conspiring to keep you from doing just that.
  • Why it can be so hard to maintain a happy outlook when the outside world has never been so fast, complex, and unpredictable.
  • How to be at your best in a world that is doing its worst.

Happiness is the #1 thing you want for yourself and your family. The Happiness Revolution is an indispensable guide for everyone trying to live their best life and to spread some happiness while doing so.

Rise up and be happy! Vive la revolution!

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