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Realistic Solutions to Hair Loss are Finally Here – and They’re Landing on Your Doorstep

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Sons has a simple goal. As part of the new wave of men’s health and well-being brands, Sons are dedicated to providing men with accessible, affordable and uncomplicated hair loss treatments that actually work. 

Everybody’s different, so why shouldn’t every man have a unique hair loss treatment? That line of thought is why Sons have decided to build a revolutionary new subscription service that, finally, lets men take control of their own hair. For half the price of an average monthly gym membership, tailored treatment plans can be quietly and efficiently sent straight to your door. 

In the UK alone, it’s estimated that over 6.5 million men are feeling the often devastating mental effects of hair loss. The chances are that your mate, partner or family member could be going through a tough time when it comes to their hair. With this many men suffering from hair loss in the UK, the advice and treatments can often seem overwhelming, daunting and mountainous. Over a few pints in the pub, the founding fathers of Sons, Will Kennedy and Dr. Adrian Gilbane, saw this minefield of contradicting advice and said ‘things have got to change’. This is how the concept of Sons was born. 

Starting from that open and honest discussion in the pub, encouraging men to open up on issues that traditionally they have not is a big part of what we’re all about. Men have been suffering in silence for too long when it comes to hair loss. It’s time for that to change, without being swamped in a pit of jargon and holes burnt in any more pockets. 

After the short and sweet online consultation with a physician to kick things off, a plan is sent straight to your door. The best part? It works. Sons treatment plans have clinically proven results with over 94.1% of men. 

The frustration that bubbled up over previous years regarding hair loss was reaching a tipping point. Creating a hair loss treatment that is affordable, simple and actually works is the crowning achievement of the Sons founders. Men finally have the answer to the hair loss question.

With a varied range of products and plans that focus on both maintaining hair growth and preventing hair loss, the subscription treatment plans cost £30 a month at www.sons.co.uk. A portion of the sales will also be donated to the charity CALM. Feel free to follow us at @Careforsons. 

About Sons 

Sons was founded in 2018, after best mates Will Kennedy and Dr Adrian Gilbane sat in a pub and opened up about their hair loss. Sharing their stories and what they had experienced, they quickly realised things needed to change. Bringing their expertise together, Dr Adrian’s in healthcare and clinical research and Will’s in business, as the business manager for a large Irish brand, the two mates quickly established online subscription service Sons. Working with the best physicians, pharmacists, and scientists, the objective was simple – to offer easy to understand, jargon free, yet affordable hair loss treatment. Headed up by Medical Director, Knut Moe, who has experience in hair loss working in leading hair restoration clinic HRBR, Sons have sourced, licensed and brought to market a combination of products that is proven to deliver the most effective results for male pattern hair loss – proven to deliver results in 94.1% of men.

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