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Are Gummy Vitamins a Good Idea?

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This time of  COVID-19 pandemic, all the doctors and healthcare practitioners emphasise on boosting our immunity. One of the best and easiest ways to increase the immunity system is taking vitamins tablets daily. But many people hate taking pills. And it is not wrong to say that everyone gets tired and irritated of taking medications if it becomes a routine. Kids hate taking medicine too because the drug usually has horrible taste.

This problem has been solved as many pharmaceutical companies have introduced gummy vitamins. Gummy vitamins are just like the chewable gummies; their smell and texture are similar to ordinary gummies. Several vitamins are added to the gummy vitamins such as vitamin D, C, calcium, some minerals, etc. They come in different shapes, sizes, and flavours. But the most popular flavour among kids and adults is yummy and healthy elderberry gummies. Apart from the fruity taste, the elderberry has many medicinal benefits as well. For centuries it has been used as an antipyretic and diuretic agent. 

What are gummy vitamins?

Gummy vitamins are chewable gummies. They are made of corn starch, gelatin, water, added sugars, and food colours. The gummy vitamins come in different fruits flavours. Most popular flavours are orange, elderberry, raspberry, lemon, and cherry. The gummy vitamins are readily available in any medicine shop, food shop, and even in some grocery shops. The gummy vitamins can be ordered online as well. 

Benefits of gummy vitamins

There are many benefits of gummy vitamins. The gummy vitamins work precisely like ordinary multivitamins or supplements. Some of the benefits are:

  • Gummy vitamins are beneficial for those who do not take a balanced diet. It is best for all those people who have a vitamin deficiency and are experiencing nutrients absorption issues. 
  • Gummy vitamins are the best choice for the children as they avoid taking pills or syrups, and they are also picky eaters. But children quickly and happily take gummy vitamins because it tastes and looks like gummy sweets. 
  • Another important benefit of gummy vitamins is that they are full of nutrients. The gummy vitamins are loaded with vitamin A, B, C, D, and E. Gummy vitamins also have some minerals such as zinc and iodine. Some gummy vitamins have omega 3 and calcium. 
  • Gummy vitamins boost the immune system.
  • They are best for cold /flu prevention.
  • Some gummies can make you relax, like these mushroom gummies from Mushroom Revival.
  • They also help in reducing inflammation.
  • Gummy vitamins are equally beneficial for men and women, children (keep in mind that gummy vitamins are recommended for children older than 3), pregnant women, and vegans (those who only consume vegetable diet).
  • Gummy vitamins are easy to eat. Those people who have difficulty in swallowing pills prefer gummy vitamins over ordinary multivitamins.
  • They have good taste. The gummy vitamins taste like fruits and candies, which is why they are everyone’s favourite. 

Are gummy vitamins good or bad?

Researchers say that gummy vitamins are the best solution for ‘pill fatigue’. All those people who are tired of taking multivitamins and supplements daily are now moving towards gummy vitamins. Gummy vitamins are a good idea because it has transformed the tedious job of taking pills into a tastier and fun job. That is why gummy vitamins are popular in kids, but now almost 80% of the consumers of gummy vitamins are adults.  People like gummy vitamins because there is no after taste or the strange smell just like ordinary multivitamins. 

Things to keep in mind

As you already know, the excess of everything is bad; and that’s the same with gummy vitamins. Therefore, gummy vitamins should not be overused. Adults should also keep a strict check on the children so that they do not overeat it. Gummy vitamins should be given to children with adult’s supervision because of its added sugars. Excess sugar can lead to many diseases. According to the American Heart Association, men should not consume more than nine teaspoons of added sugars. Women should not consume more than six teaspoons, and children aged 2 to 18 should consume added sugar less than six teaspoons. 

Our body needs a certain amount of nutrients. If it gets the nutrients more than its requirement, it could result in vitamin and mineral toxicity, and that can cause serious harm to the body. So it is recommended that only two gummy vitamins be taken daily or as prescribed by the health practitioners.

There are sugar-free gummy vitamins available in the market for diabetic patients and for those who are diet-conscious.

Helen Baumeister did her degree in psychology at the University of Hertfordshire. She is interested in mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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