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Working from Home: The Complete Calmer Guide to Remote Working

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Calmer, an award-winning organisation that empowers entrepreneurs and business teams to nurture good mental health and well-being, has launched Working from Home: The Complete Calmer Guide to Remote WorkingThis is the second book written by founder and director of Calmer, Tania Diggory, inspired by her team of remote workers who also contributed to the creation of this project.

This guide is based on over 2,000 hours of research, client case studies and stories from the Calmer community, who shared their own experienceschallenges and benefits of remote working. It provides five essential steps to working from home in a healthy, happy and productive way. Working from Home: The Calmer Guide to Remote Working is available to purchase via the Calmer website; the special launch offer, which includes a complimentary Calmer calendar worksheet, is priced at £9.99. 

‘Back in October 2019, I wrote a post in our Facebook group, Calmer Professionals, sharing five tips on a productive working from home day.’ said Tania Diggory, Founder & Director of Calmer.

‘Stories from our community about their working from home experience came flooding in, and we heard the call for a much-needed resource to help business professionals embrace a calmer, healthier and productive remote working day. Our digital guide was due to be published in May ’20, however when COVID-19 happened we decided to move the launch date to April ’20, in order to provide this resource for the many professionals whose work and working routine have suddenly been turned upside down by this pandemic.’ concluded Diggory.

The guide takes the reader through a step by step journey of how to make working from home work for them. It enables the reader to embed new daily habits on how to nurture your mindset, pace yourself, be mindful of your work environment, find your breathing space, and seek out human connection.

At Calmer, nurturing good mental health, resilience, and maintaining a productive and happy workforce are their areas of expertise. 

Calmer is a remote working team, and we work with carefully selected associates in the business development and well-being space. They are proud to deliver remote online training and live large-scale events. Their services are tailored to support the needs of our clients, paying particular care to staff well-being.


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