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A Guide to Staying Young at Heart

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There comes a point in life where living becomes, just that little harder. Everyone experiences it slightly differently, but everyone still experiences it. It can be daunting, and you may want to bury that thought of getting older in the darkest depths of your mind. But, don’t forget, the quality of wine increases with time. And there are many ways to keep you feeling fresh and free, no matter the number on that next birthday card. 

Keep as active as you can

Being active means different things to different people. I mean, there are probably people out there training for a marathon, but taking a relaxed stroll around the local park seems like a better idea to me.

Adding little bits of movement to your daily routine is an easy way to boost spirits and feel good, a little of booty shaking while making a cup of tea can never hurt anyone. Try having a little chair dance while waiting for your favourite TV show to start.

Any activity that moves any part of your body counts, so use your imagination. If you can get outside, do so. From your garden to the local park or nearby beach, a quick stretch of the legs to get that fresh air into your lungs can make you feel twenty years younger.

Be a social butterfly

We are naturally sociable creatures; it’s in our instinct to make friends and look after the family. Picnics, coffee dates, a trip to the garden centre with your neighbour – get them organised.

It could be as simple as taking yourself to the local cafe for some lunch; any interaction with people is positive. Attending community events is a great way to connect with the people in your area. Lots of places now host clubs and groups; from crafts and book clubs, to chair aerobics and board games.

There is nothing more fun than taking up a new hobby and making new friends. With some of these, you’re able to tick off socialising and being active in one.

Relax and take it easy

It’s all well and good taking on activities and filling your day with fun, but we all need to take time to recuperate and relax. Stick on your favourite classic film, listen to that singer you loved when you were younger, or give your new book a go (that one you have to read for book club, of course).

Adding these kinds of activities into your life can be challenging, especially when you have to consider the time and energy needed for everyday tasks too, like cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc. Companies like New Perspective offer independent living. Their communities allow you to have all that fun and freedom, while taking care of any daily chores and maintenance that you decide you don’t want to do. Yes, this means you can go out to eat every night if you want.

Combining some activity with your socials, and getting yourself some well-deserved relaxation time, is a sure way to keep yourself feeling as young as your heart.

Dennis Relojo-Howell is the managing director of Psychreg.


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