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iCAAD and The Gruben Charitable Foundation Unite CCSAD

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On Saturday 7th September, at the Cape Cod Symposium on Addictive Disorders (CCSAD), iCAAD and The Gruben Charitable Foundation (GCF) join C4 Recovery Solutions in hosting Dr Constant Mouton from the Netherlands, who will present on his field of expertise: ADHD and addiction.

Thanks to The Gruben Charitable Foundation, this partnership unites the US and Europe for the third consecutive year, sharing a mission to raise international awareness and to continue to improve accessibility to the best researchers, therapists, practitioners and services.

Keeping live and online audiences up to date with new thinking and best practices at the cutting edge of behavioural, mental and emotional healthcare. Together we believe in providing learning platforms without borders, understanding that accessibility and unity are the mainstay of our field.

Dr Constant Mouton, psychiatrist and medical director at Triora Recovery Centers in the Netherlands and Spain, was trained in South Africa. Today the Southern African philosophy of Ubuntu, ‘I am because we are’, resonates throughout his work. Like iCAAD, GCF, and C4 he believes that by working collaboratively, we access a collective resilience that can restore connectedness between people. Dr Constant Moutons’ presentation: ‘When you can’t keep your eye on the ball: ADHD, addiction, and not losing sight of the bigger picture’, will take place at 2pm–3.30pm on Saturday the 7th September 2019. 

The Gruben Charitable Foundation has supported iCAAD as a philanthropic and social responsibility partner since 2017. The Gruben Charitable Foundation is a family philanthropy based in Boston, Massachusetts whose mission is to rehabilitate and preserve the health of people and the places in which they live.

The vision Gruben aspires to achieve is to support non-profit organisations and their programmes that are holistic (body, mind, emotional and spiritual) in their approach to the preservation and maintenance of healthy ecosystems and communities through education and compassionate care for people and places.

The Gruben Charitable Foundation has recently supported and funded a new family addiction recovery programme at Rhode Island Hospital as well as other mental health and educational programmes in Providence and Newport, Rhode Island.

For the last the years, The Gruben Charitable Foundation has been supporting USA/Europe cross-pollination and unification of knowledge, bringing speakers and contributions to CCSAD’s C4 conference at Cape Cod and iCAAD’s conferences in London. These speakers believe in and contribute massively to iCAAD’s mission statement: A platform dedicated to expanding knowledge, exchanging ideas, advancing the prevention and treatment of behavioural, mental, and emotional health issues.

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