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Growth and Self-Esteem: Why It’s Important to Know Yourself First

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Many situations in today’s society make us think we should place a great deal of importance on outward appearances. Certain types of looks, shapes, and sizes are praised and deemed ‘perfect’. Most of us, therefore, strive to achieve this so that we feel we belong.

What is self-confidence?

Self-worth can be described as how individuals view themselves and how much worth they place on themselves. The level of self-regard that a person has can be recognised through the statement they make about themselves.

A person with low self-esteem will often make statements that demean them, and they may feel:

  • self-hate or dislike
  • worthless or inadequate
  • unhappy and undeserving of happiness
  • unable to assert themselves
  • disliked or hated by others

A person with high self-regard, on the other hand, will feel anything but sorry for themselves. They are confident and able to interact with people easily. Often, you will realise that people with high self-regard will achieve more than those with low self-regard. This is because low self-regard hinders a person from living the kind of life we all want.

Why does it matter so much in modern society?

Self-regard in modern society is highly influenced by appearances. This is because, when a person looks good, they have a sense of self-confidence that naturally yields a high sense of self-worth. There are people who go to great lengths to ensure that they maintain looks deemed attractive.

But what about people who just believe in themselves regardless of looks? If you are comfortable with how you portray yourself to the world, then ultimately you gain a very high sense of self-worth. Believe in your ability to pass judgements.

Remember, we’re all imperfect. There are thousands of other people that have the same flaws as you do. Actor Richard Simmons has admitted that he struggled with low self-regard and an eating disorder. The actor felt that he was not good enough and, to overcome that stress, he would binge eat. However, after realising personal appearances do play a part in a healthy self-regard, the actor began working on himself. He is now considered a fitness and diet guru in Hollywood.

Tune out any negative vibes

Low self-regard is greatly influenced by second-guessing your personal judgements and decision-making abilities. Once you tune out the negative energy and begin to have some level of self-confidence, then your self-confidence naturally begins to improve. This in turn reflects on the way you begin to dress, carry yourself, and even with your interactions with people.

Russell Brand is among the most successful actors in the world. Growing up, however, the actor had to deal with low self-confidence, sexual abuse, and eating disorders. He admits that he felt chubby and lonely most of the time. Russell, however, decided to stop feeling sorry for himself and work on achieving what he wants. Today, the world celebrates him.

There’s a cognitive behavioural method developed to combat negative thoughts. Break the cycle of negativity through gratefulness.

Always be grateful

Learn how to practise gratitude. Ed Sheeran, the now-famous singer-songwriter says: ‘Being weird is a wonderful thing.’ Always remind yourself that wonderful things are happening to you too. You can start simply by saying thank you more often to compliments. Write down a list of things that you are thankful for. This will show you that even though life is not perfect, good things do happen all the time – even to you.

Do one thing at a time and don’t push yourself to accomplish more than you can actually work on. There are many famous celebrities who advise on working very hard on your goals but doing things step by step, one by one, little by little. Don’t undermine yourself by listening to critical voices in your head or those outside it. Just use your inner clock, your intuition.


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