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Grow Wild Outdoorwear Launches Brand New Outdoor Maternity and Postpartum Leggings

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Grow Wild Outdoorwear is delighted to announce the launch of their brand new leggings, specifically and meticulously designed for outdoor adventures both during pregnancy and postpartum.

Being pregnant or in the early stages of motherhood should not stop you enjoying outdoor
adventures, if that’s your passion. But if you’re not careful, your clothes might.

Grow Wild Outdoorwear is a range of outdoor clothing and accessories designed for pregnancy and early motherhood. The range was created by Clare Winton, who, when she became pregnant with her daughter, found it impossible to find clothes that could keep up with her as a capable, active, practical, outdoors-lover who wanted quality clothing.

After thorough research, testing, and tweaking, Grow Wild is delighted to add their leggings to the range.

What’s so special about Grow Wild’s outdoor maternity and postpartum leggings?

The only maternity leggings manufactured here in the UK, these durable and comfortable
heavyweight leggings have been specifically designed to keep up with women’s outdoor adventures both during pregnancy and postpartum.

The high-density, quick-dry, breathable fabric made from super-smooth Meryl® yarn is perfect to keep you supported and comfortable when active. Indeed, at less than 10μ thick, Meryl® Microfibre is finer than silk and offers a buttery soft touch against sensitive pregnancy skin.

The four-way stretch fabric sits high on the waistline to support a baby bump in seamless comfort. The stretch combined with the gusset design also gives an excellent range of movement for stile scrambling and toddler chasing postpartum.

A real treat are the two deep thigh pockets, one with a secure pocket flap and the other providing easy access to whip out the camera for that perfect shot – or wet wipes or chocolate, depending on your own personal emergency requirement.

Grow Wild’s Outdoor Maternity and Postpartum Leggings also boast uniquely-shaped seams, which scoop low underneath your belly, offering maximum comfort and avoiding any sensitive zones, such as C-section scars or bloating.

And, unlike most maternity trousers, they do not need to be thrown away or stored away post-pregnancy. The excellent stretch recovery properties of Lycra® allow these leggings to shrink back to support core abdominal recovery postpartum, while also keeping them looking new for longer.

Not only has Grow Wild thought of everything when it comes to the wearer, the leggings have been designed to be considerate of the environment, too. Their UK manufacture means a short supply chain; using a slow fashion model, they are produced in small quantities to avoid wastage; and even the material used means that the leggings stay fresher for longer, so you don’t need to wash them so often.

So, for adventurous women in pregnancy and early motherhood, Grow Wild’s outdoor maternity and postpartum leggings are the new must-haves for your kit!

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