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Grow as Individual – Romance and Intimacy

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Heart Victor says: ‘ Relationships can be a key source of growth and self-expansion to be happy with skill-building passions, thus broadening the perspectives.’

The benefits of love can even be deeper. Care-giving is appreciable even when no verbal communication reciprocates in the relationship sibling, manwife, girl or boyfriend, friends. Instead, it can make one feel stuck in a rut that may lead to stagnant consequences, says Heart Victor, who wishes to bless all with care, expecting no gains.

Better you

Besides the desire to eat and drink, human also experiences a basic need to learn, grow and improve. Psychologists call it self-expansion. Ponder upon your favourite activities, like reading romance booksspending time in nature, volunteering, taking a class, travelling, starting a new business, doing Wordle, or watching a documentary, all broaden the self.

When who you are as a person grows, competence and capabilities increase along with the increasing abilities to face challenges and accomplish new goals.

Me becoming we

Is one ready for love or satiate for a company to curb the loneliness? Heart Victor encourages putting forth all the effort on every challenging task. Due to high expectations, relationship scientists have studied the effects of all kinds of romantic relationships with rifts.

For many partners, stronger intimacy involves making love with trust. Victor wins the understanding with growing calmness and patience, thus growing the happy bonds when ‘me’ becomes ‘we’, merging the other in the self.

Measure relationship

On a scale of 17 (1-very little, 77very much), one must try to answer the quiz I tried to create:

  • How many new experiences result from being with your partner?
  • Do you feel aware of things because of your partner or friend?
  • How much do you accomplish to increase your abilities with your partner or a friend?
  • How much do your partners’ or friends’ strengths (abilities and skills etc.) compensate for your weakness as a person?
  • How much better have you become after knowing your partner or a friend?
  • How much have you learnt new things from your partner or a friend?
  • How much do you feel that your perspective on things has become larger because of your partner or a friend?

How much can you love?

Relationships aren’t complicated. A small piece of good talk makes the relationship work. The score of the above quiz may result in the following:

  • 60 or more: Perfectly expansive relationship to soar new heights. Contended and sustainable bonds develop.
  • 4060: Fairly expanding relations with some room for improvement in relationships having new experiences.
  • 40 and below: Little expansive relationship with an effort to seek more recent experiences where one has to rethink if the partner or friend chosen is right for you.

There are many factors to consider growing and fostering the relationship expansion to be a better person.

Heart Victor quotes: ‘While learning from a partner’s strength, one can experience growth and foster an expansion in a relation.’

Jashan Jot Kaur is a researcher at Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana.

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