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Group Meditation Experiences UFO Contact – Group Hallucinations or Real Paranormal Activity?

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I learned of this meditation method called CE-5, discovered and termed by Dr Steven Greer, one of the leading disclosure activists and UFO researchers in the public eye. In the past, I had always enjoyed watching documentaries about unexplainable things such as UFO or ET encounters or abductions, and the ancient astronaut theories that riddle the archaeological community in explaining the human origins. But during the time frame which I am about to detail here, I found little entertainment in adding to the realm of possibilities which explained what I had come to personally experience on a nightly basis in the comfort of my own bedroom.

But this CE-5 meditation, which I had known about for years, became ever present in the forefront of my mind. I became fixated on finding a group to join for one of these group meditations and trying it for myself. I discovered a whole website devoted to finding individuals in your area that are practicing or open to it, giving the community a means to find one another and practice together.

I reached out to a number of people in my area and received just a single response back from a woman who was willing to meet us in Joshua Tree National Park and help conduct it for me. As she wasn’t able to find anyone else to join that night, I brought my brand new roommate with me for the meditation. He had just arrived in the state that day and had spent the earlier part of the day unloading and organising his belongings in the apartment which we would now share.

He had been an old friend moving back to the area and was not entirely a new personality in my life. Although it had been a great many years since we had spent any type of personal time together, there we stood face-to-face in my living room. And as I went to make an exit for my car in the direction of Joshua Tree where this meditation was to take place, I offered a sympathetic invitation to him as I made a gesture for the door.

Much to my surprise, he excitedly accepted and informed me that he had been really into practicing meditation for the past year or two. I figured I had better come clean with the entire story of what the intentions of the meditations are going to be and the inexperience I have with it, or with this lady I was heading to meet. He responded kindly, that although he never meditated in hopes to initiate UFO contact, he was open-minded and believed in their existence so he was willing to give it a try.

We made our way to Joshua Tree, enjoying the beautiful scenic drive from the Palm Springs area to the National Park. It was already dusk when we arrived at the entrance where we met our new friend, the 71 year old lady who was meeting us out there to facilitate the meditation. It just so happened to be a new moon that night, which meant it was getting dark quickly. And even better yet, the milky way was beginning to appear in the clear night sky above us, in all her wonder and beauty as she began dancing and dazzling above our heads.

If you’ve ever seen the milky way on a night that has complete visibility and zero light pollution from cities or the moon, then you know it’s pretty hard to put into words the way the view can shrink the size of your problems and stresses here on Earth. Just seeing and realising the size of the galactic neighborhood we share will stir up the wonders in anyone’s heart.

We followed our friend down the winding roads into the centre of the National Park’s lands, where all the pull-offs and camping sites lay. After about 20 minutes we turned onto an empty and completely deserted road that had closed signs on the gates. But seeing as someone had not closed the gates, we assumed the signs were incorrect and parked down by the desolate camp site.

We met in front of our cars, using the light from the headlights to view a large map of the US which the woman had opened and propped up on top of the trunk of her car. My roommate gave me a sarcastic wide-eyed look and I slightly chuckled, thinking what have we gotten ourselves into. She went on to educate us about where we were geographically speaking in California, using the Salton Sea as a marker. She advised on the importance of our visualising when broadcasting during the meditation. So her information was very useful, because I would never have thought to use the Salton Sea in my visualisations. She continued on explaining how we needed to also visualise our solar system, specifically using the fact that we are the third planet from the sun. After our solar system is the milky way which looks like a spiral spinning mass of stars, as far as we know. What we visualise past that can be left to imagination or just allow for that broadcast to start from the milky way and work our way down to Joshua Tree National Park.

I asked: ‘Can I name these points of reference in English while broadcasting or does it even matter if I say it?’ What I meant was – while visualising, am I using words to describe the directions like: ‘From the milky way, to our solar system, it’s the third planet from our star, the Earth which is blue water and land, then on the continent of North America, on the west coast of the United States, in California, south east of the Salton Sea body of water inland, to the open land of Joshua Tree National Park.’

She answered that I can do whatever I need to help my clarity and communication during the visualisation. I later found this was a great question, because naming the points became very helpful in my visualisations and just staying present in the practice.

We went down in between some enormous rock structures jutting out of the flat earth, appearing as if someone had leaned them up against one another. We set up our chairs and got into comfortable positions to meditate and look up at the stars. We played the guided meditation spoken by Dr Greer himself, which I highly recommend even if not broadcasting to the heavens for a sign. It really helps harness your minds-eye visualisation abilities and the overall flexing of your consciousness like a muscle in your mind.

As we broadcasted out to the universe, I began to hone my technique and ability to visualise without interruption. I soon felt as if my consciousness were expanding and connecting with all that is out there. This overwhelming feeling of oneness and interconnectedness of all things sunk into every fiber of my being. It was just like working out a muscle, extending and expanding out, then contracting and bringing back in.

This went on for about an hour or more without any real signs of response from any intelligence, but it was also quite hard to decide where to focus your gaze or even look for signs. With the whole of the milky way shimmering before us, shooting stars here and there, and airplanes coupled in with the less frequent passing by of satellites, had made for quite the spectacle. And adding even further distractions from being able to clearly identify a UFO that is indistinguishable next to the far off satellite which quickly dashed from one side of the sky to the opposite.

It finally dawned on me that one of the videos documenting CE-5 meditations that I watched had a group of people describing how they had broadcasted out with the information of a specific constellation they were going to be looking towards during their meditation. In hopes that it would help to triangulate the area of the sky into a more precise target for their members to be focused on, alleviating the vastness that is imposed in the night sky on such a clear evening, that is what we decided to do next. She pointed out the constellation Cepheus, which was a new name and arrangement of stars for me and my roommate. Yet, Cepheus would soon hold the most meaningful of connections in our hearts following this night, for we were about to receive a response from the universe, letting us know that we were in fact being heard and watched that night. Just as we had been our entire lives.

As soon as we began to broadcast up, I felt connected to my roommate and the lady in a way that I could not describe and had never felt in my life. Connected in an unforeseen and synchronised expulsion of our consciousness, becoming one and broadcasting up together into the heavens. As we began to vector down to our point in Joshua Tree National Park, where we sat, I felt the presence of another connection. It came with a knowing I felt in my gut that this was going to work somehow.

A flash of light appeared right in the center of the stars making up the constellation of Cepheus. It wasn’t just done after one flash, it continued to flash and flash. As it was flashing, it was never in the same spot as before, appearing to me as it was moving in a circle or spiral fashion.

Then as soon as it started, it was over, leaving me with the most indescribable feeling of excitement and joy from just those seven to 12 seconds, changing my perspective forever.

It was not about a UFO to me at that point. In fact, I wasn’t even thinking about it being a craft of some sort. It was more of the evidence that our consciousness is not just limited to our brains, and that indeed all things must be connected in the universe. That we put an intentional call out to the heavens, and we received an undeniable response. For all I know, our consciousness could have created that event, but nonetheless we had experienced first-hand an intimate interaction and conversation between the individual mind and the universal mind.

All three of us saw it, and all three of us looked at each other in disbelief for a few moments after the flashing stopped. I’ll tell you, my roommate had to peel me away from the night sky because I was just elated. We finally drove home around 2am. My roommate was dozing in the passenger seat, as I couldn’t help but to continue glancing up to the sky every few seconds during that trek home. Little did I know that this night was far from over – I would soon become acquainted with the other side – the spirit realm.

James Edward Rawson is a mental health advocate.


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