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Ground-Breaking New Book Explores Ethics and Law in Relation to Animals

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Animal Ethics and Animal Law is a new book edited by Professor Andrew Linzey and Dr Clair Linzey from the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics.

This ground-breaking new book, with 28 contributions from academics worldwide, “brilliantly” explores ethics and law in relation to animals.

Professor Joan Schaffner from the George Washington University Law School claims that the book “brilliantly explores the intersection of ethics and law in our treatment of nonhuman animals.”

She continues, that in this book “legal and ethical scholars examine historical moments that inform contemporary issues, discuss the moral status of animals and how such status is reflected in law, and analyse case studies that demonstrate the current failure of the law to adequately protect the interests of nonhuman animals”. 

Professor Schaffner concludes: “A thoughtful and inspiring read.”

Animal law is a growing discipline, as is animal ethics. Specifically, this collection focuses on pressing moral issues and how law can protect animals from cruelty and abuse. 

A project of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics, the book is edited by the Centre’s directors, Andrew Linzey and Clair Linzey, and features contributions from many of its fellows. 

Divided into three sections, the work explores historical perspectives, and ethical-legal issues such as “personhood” and “property” before focusing on five practical case studies. The volume introduces readers to the interweaving between these subjects and should act as a spur to further interdisciplinary work. 

“In terms of pain, suffering, and death, animals rank as one of the major moral issues of all time,” claims Professor Andrew Linzey, “we need academics to collaborate to help prevent animal cruelty and abuse.”

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