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Grenada Education System Guide

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The desire to get a good education in one of the institutions of another country forces us to study the peculiarities of the educational system. Thus, participants of investment programs are looking for opportunities to provide quality studying for their children. The advantageous offer of Grenada lies not only in its low cost but also in the chance to send children to the best schools and universities.

Married couples who are preparing to move pay attention not only to the conditions of second citizenship. Changing place of residence with children and the simple possibility to get Grenada citizenship without family raises many questions. It is worth studying the educational system and investment program of the country to get rid of doubts associated with the choice of the country. 

Education in Grenada: What you need to know about the education system

The educational system on the Caribbean Island is similar to education in the UK. Admission of children of school age starts at the age of 5. The parents do not have to pay for primary education, since preparation in public schools is free of charge. As for education in Grenada in private institutions, the amount depends on the parents’ choice.

After completing elementary school, it is up to parents to choose where to continue their education. It is worth considering schools that accept students as young as 12 years old. Some schools offer education based on a preferred field of study. In this way, high school becomes a place for purposeful learning.

Higher education allows you to get one of the degrees. Thus, students finish university with the status of “associate specialist” or “bachelor”. The duration of the study is from two to four years. After graduation, students can continue their studies to earn a degree. 

The main pros of such an educational system include the all-around development of the child. Students are taught to independently search for information and manifest their personal preferences from a young age. Clubs of interest are available to any student, so there is no difficulty in choosing a section.

Who can get an education in Grenada schools

The Grenada education system is for all children over the age of 5. There is no fee for elementary school because education is mandatory. Education in public and private schools is available not only to the citizen of the country but also to foreigners after obtaining official status (resident, residence permit). 

Admission to Caribbean Island schools is not much different from what you are used to. You need to confirm the place of registration to enter the primary grades. If the nearest school has no places available, you can apply to another institution. There are no restrictions in this case.

The educational process is organised according to the system used in Britain. Teachers create a comfortable learning environment, regardless of the level of training and citizenship. In this way, the child learns a foreign language to continue his studies in secondary and high school.

Investment program to obtain citizenship

Investors who want to move to Grenada with their children can join an investment program. Choosing the right offer depends on the number of people who are included in the application. For example, it is possible to submit an application that includes a spouse and two children.

The cost depends on the chosen program. The conditions include investment in the country or the purchase of the real estate. If we are talking about moving a family of four people, the cost is:

  • $220,000 for the purchase of the real estate
  • 50 thousand dollars – the state fee
  • $5,000 for each child
  • From 11 thousand dollars – additional costs

So, Grenada citizenship for children’s education will cost $286,000. Processing the application takes from 3 to 6 months, so it is worth preparing the documents in advance. According to the information from the specialist of the company Immigrant Invest Svetlana Gorchakova, there is no need for permanent residence on the island.

Advantages of citizenship

Second citizenship draws the attention of investors with several benefits. First of all, Grenada citizenship for education will allow you to get a high-quality education at renowned academic institutions. In addition, investors and their family members are able to:

  • Travel to more than 100 countries without a visa
  • Get an internship in a well-known company
  • Enjoy benefits for the citizens of Grenada.

Because the processing time is six months, investors can seamlessly cross the border and make preparations for moving. After obtaining registration, it is necessary to apply for a passport and proceed to fill out forms for children’s education. Once the official confirmation is issued, the investor becomes a resident of the country.

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