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Green Exercise Is One of Nature’s Best Doses

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‘Stepping outside into nature makes me feel as if I am stepping into the world specifically designed for me to play and move in’ is indeed a beautiful dream. The woods taunt for climbing their low-hanging branches, rocks daring to set up the perfect distance to jump for a go and the fascinating trails ask to figure out where the path leads to. Green exercise is one of the easy ways to combine time in nature with physical activities. Being in, viewing and interaction with the natural greens help cope up with the stress thus reducing the mental fatigue.

Should you do it outdoors?

One needs to be healthy according to their different lifestyles to work around. Barriers still exist. It isn’t essential to spend all the time of the physical activity in the gym. Accessibility of the green outdoors should be a part of life. How it would have been possible generations ago to have access to modern gyms on each corner of the streets? People were fitter despite the lack of indoor facilities which we see it today for the new generations.

There are other means to overload the muscles using different ways such as barbells or picking up a rock or sprinting. Our body muscles do not know the difference between a barbell and a log. I still do not ask to neglect the luxuries of equipped fitness centres but simply shedding light on the fact that walking outdoors with the greens incorporates essential benefits that extend beyond our basic needs of the physical workouts.

Feel better

Who doesn’t feel good after a great good session of movement? Improvements in mood make you feel better than the same exercise performed indoors. It’s just a matter of time one spends indoors equivalent to a remarkable epic journey through the green woods and mountain passes to feel the offerings of awe and wonders of the Mother Nature. This is simply adding the difference to your current routine.

Simple and easy

Carrying loads of groceries up to your car versus when you are exhausted and just want to get home already is as simple and easy as spending quality time into the greens with substantial effects on your body. Hard. Annoying. Terrible. Well, it is hard to enjoy when you feel the activity attempted is too hard for you to continue doing. So, in that case, take the sessions to an easy level to catalyse the think-happy thoughts.

Keep it up

Exercising outdoors helps you boost your continuity to participate in the future and adhere to the consistency of the programme which is the key factor in life. It may improve the frequency of enjoyment and adherence to the positive feedback of your health. Imagine running or cycling through the city or a park that will help you increase your attention towards your surrounding scenery constantly changing from your urban habitat. Keep up these challenges and keep trying something new outside limitlessly.

Freedom of engaging in a playful, varied health regime out in nature is its best dose to health.

Jashan Jot Kaur is a researcher at  Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana.

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