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How to Get a Green Card Without Preparation

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Usually there are three traditional paths you can take to receive a Green Card: through marriage, employment or family reunion. Although all of them have specific restrictions and conditions with a long overall procedure to follow. With that in mind, you can try your luck with a Diversity Visa Program that doesn’t require as much preparation as other methods. What it is and how to apply for it, read in the post below. 

How is DV program different?

Compared to your other options, this method is absolutely random. 

While marriage, employment and family streams require a pile of documents to submit with your initial application as well as a long preparation process, the DV lottery simply needs you to fill in the online form and wait for the results. If you are chosen by random drawing, you are invited for an interview.

Usually a hundred thousand applicants are chosen via the drawing and half get rejected in the further process due to mistakes in the application or misinformation. Make sure your application is decent and correct by doing a copy of the DV program form first. It’s 100% the same as the real one, so you will be ready with proper answers in no time.

Can I participate in a DV Lottery? 

Anyone who is from the eligible country can take part in the registration for the DV Program. A list of current participating countries will be available right on to the Department of State government website’s DV Lottery form.

Another thing to remember is all applying immigrants should have a valid proof of education, no less than a high school diploma, or it’s equivalent or certain job experience.

It doesn’t really matter during the first steps, but having a strong educational background can really help when you are having the interview with the authorities. 

Same rules go for work experience. The more qualified you are in your field, the higher chances of approval you in the final rounds. You must have at least 2 years of experience at your profession of choice. Find out if your job is on the eligibility list before you apply.

For applicants with no work experience, a high school degree or an equivalent will suffice. 

Get better odds at winning a Green Card 

You can’t trick the system, but you may increase your chances of winning slightly by entering all your immediate family members in the drawing. 

All children above the age of 16 are allowed to submit an application for the DV lottery. They are simply required to own a proof of education equal to a high school degree. 

Your spouse can also fill in the registration form to double your chances of obtaining the Green Card. 

What are the pros of winning at the DV program? 

Besides the fact it is a clear path to a US citizenship, there’s quite a few bonuses the green card holders might enjoy:

  • Permanent residents (green card holders) may qualify for Obamacare medical insurance under certain restrictions like income, age, etc
  • You can travel to over 170 countries without needing a visa 
  • You have the same legal rights as the US citizens, can work and live in the country while your green card is valid
  • You may apply for citizenship after three to five years of being in the US
  • Green Card holders may also petition for family reunion with their immediate relatives

Having a green card leaves a door open for millions of opportunities for its holders. Become a permanent resident by applying for the DV Program 2023 this coming October.

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