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Great Anglia Trains Could Be the Best Train Company for Commuters in the UK

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While many of us rely on public transport to get us to and from places, nobody relies on public transport more than work commuters, with almost half of the train journeys in the UK made by those travelling to and from work. However, many workers don’t just rely on public transport to get them to where they need to be anymore; they also need it to be a place they can get a head start on their day’s work or sit back and relax after a long day in the office.

Understanding that many of their customers are busy commuters themselves, experts at Moneypenny have looked into 24 train lines in the UK to discover which offers the best services for busy commuters. The research took into consideration several factors, including whether they offer free WiFi, have plugs available, and have quiet zones to work or relax in, scoring them out of 100.

Great Anglia tops the chart with a score of 80.2 out of 100. With trains running in the south of the UK and direct routes to London, the trainline offers wifi free of charge with no data limit, along with USB ports and plug sockets for those looking to work through their commute. Additionally, the trainline also offers a quiet zone for commuters, which only seven other lines offer.

Avanti West Coast falls closely behind in second with a score of 79.1. The trainline is one of eight to offer food onboard, with busy commuters able to grab a bowl of porridge on their way to work. The trains also have plug sockets, free wifi, and quiet zones. The trainline also boasts one of the best positive sentiments among customers, with 193 positive social posts being made about the company in the last 30 days.

While Scotrail places in third with a score of 78.1. The trainline offers catering on limited services; however, those that do travel on a catered journey will receive a free hot drink, a bottle of water, and a flavoured Scottish shortbread.

Some of the larger train lines towards the bottom of the list include South Western Railway in ninth place. Despite the trainline receiving no positive social media engagements in the past 30 days, the service is one of the few to offer commuters a quiet zone to work in during their journey.

Merseyrail landed in 10th place. The company was one of the high scorers when it came to sentiment, with 123 positive social engagements in the last month; however, the trainline does not offer catering or a quiet zone for commuters.

Some of the other well-known trainlines that failed to make the top ten include East Midlands Railway in 11th place with a score of 70.2, Thameslink in 22nd place with a score of 57.3, and Great Northern in last place (24th) with a score of just 54.7.

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