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Gratis Index: Psychology Journals Without Publication Fee

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Michael Eisen did not hold back when he vented about academic publishing: ‘It’s still ludicrous how much it costs to publish research.’

Indeed, it is an inconvenient truth that most journals ask for fees under various names (article processing charge, article submission charge, manuscript handling fee, etc.). However, there are many publications where it’s absolutely free to publish. As the editor-in-chief of a free-to-publish journal (Psychreg Journal of Psychology). I know that it is possible to run a publication without charging any fees. 

Below is a list of journals relating to psychology, mental health, well-being, and related disciplines which do not charge any fees. This list is known as the Gratis Index


If you have evidence that a publication should not be listed on Gratis Index, or you would like to recommend a publication for inclusion, please send email to [email protected]

Inclusion criteria

  • Absolutely no fees
  • The scope of the publication must be within psychology, mental health, well-being, and allied fields.
  • Published in English


Psychreg strives for accuracy that the following publications do not charge any publication fees. However, publications may amend their policies. These links are, therefore, provided as a convenience and for informational purposes only; they do not constitute an endorsement or an approval by Psychreg of any of the products, services or opinions of the publications or organisations. Psychreg bears no responsibility for the accuracy, legality or content of the external site or for that of subsequent links. Contact the external site for answers to questions regarding its policy on publication fees. 

  1. Advanced Journal of Graduate Research
  2. Animal Behavior and Cognition
  3. Annals of Indian Academy of Neurology
  4. Australasian Journal of Educational Psychology
  5. Blended Learning in Practice
  6. Bulletin of Education and Research
  7. Brain Informatics
  8. Californian Journal of Health Promotion
  9. Canadian Journal of Sociology
  10. Comparative Cognition & Behavior Reviews
  11. Contemporary Social Science
  12. Cyberpsychology: Journal of Psychosocial Research on Cyberspace
  13. Dialogues: An Interdisciplinary Journal of English Language Teaching and Research
  14. Digital Culture & Education
  15. Education Inquiry
  16. Education Review
  17. eJournal of Education Policy
  18. European Journal of Environment and Public Health (currently waived)
  19. European Journal of Counselling Psychology
  20. Europe’s Journal of Psychology 
  21. Essex Student Research Online
  22. Feminist Encounters: A Journal of Critical Studies in Culture and Politics
  23. Global Journal of Emerging Trends in e-Business and Consumer Psychology
  24. Glossa: A Journal of Linguistics
  25. IAFOR Journal of Psychology & the Behavioral Sciences
  26. IAFOR Journal of the Social Sciences
  27. i-manager’s Journal on Educational Psychology
  28. Indian Journal of Social Psychiatry
  29. Indonesian Journal of Curriculum and Educational Technology Studies
  30. Innovative Approaches in Science Research
  31. International Journal of Active Learning
  32. International Journal of Advanced Medical and Health Research
  33. International Journal of Behavioral Sciences
  34. International Journal of Community Health Nursing*
  35. International Journal of Designs for Learning
  36. International Journal of Education
  37. International Journal of Educational Excellence
  38. International Journal of Education in Mathematics, Science and Technology
  39. International Journal of Educational Psychology
  40. International Journal of Emerging Knowledge
  41. International Journal of Health Sciences
  42. International Journal on Language, Research and Education Studies
  43. International Journal of Management, Knowledge and Learning
  44. International Journal of Modern Education Studies*
  45. International Journal Pedagogy of Social Studies
  46. International Journal of Psychology and Education Studies
  47. International Journal of Psychotherapy
  48. International Journal of Recent Advances in Organizational Behaviour and Decision Sciences
  49. International Journal of Research and Development
  50. International Journal of Social Sciences and Humanity Studies
  51. International Journal of Social Sciences & Educational Studies 
  52. International Journal of the Analytic Hierarchy Process 
  53. International Journal of Wellbeing
  54. International Journal of Yoga
  55. International Journal of Yoga, Philosophy, Psychology and Parapsychology
  56. International Refereed Journal of Reviews and Research
  57. International Review of Social Psychology
  58. Iranian Journal of Language Teaching Research 
  59. International Journal of Prognostics and Health Management
  60. Irish Journal of Applied Social Studies
  61. Journal of Behavioural Sciences
  62. Journal of Cultural Analysis and Social Change (currently waived)
  63. Journal of Dynamic Decision Making
  64. Journal of Economic Behavior
  65. Journal of Educational and Psychological Studies
  66. Journal of Educational Sciences & Psychology
  67. Journal of Education and Social Sciences
  68. Journal of Elementary Education
  69. Journal of Gender & Development
  70. Journal of Geriatric Mental Health
  71. Journal of Health Education
  72. Journal of Health and Social Sciences
  73. Journal of Human Sciences and Extension
  74. Journal of International Social Studies
  75. Journal of International Students
  76. Journal of Innovation in Psychology, Education and Didactics
  77. Journal of Language and Linguistics Studies
  78. Journal of Learning and Teaching in the Digital Age
  79. Journal of Medical Sciences
  80. Journal of Mental Health and Human Behaviour
  81. Journal of the National Council of Less Commonly Taught Languages
  82. Journal of Numerical Cognition
  83. Journal of Professional, Continuing, and Online Education 
  84. Journal of Positive School Psychology
  85. Journal of Postgraduate Medicine
  86. Journal of Research Initiatives
  87. Journal of Research (Humanities) 
  88. Journal of Religion and Society
  89. Journal of Social and Political Psychology
  90. Journal of Social Science & Allied Health Professions * 
  91. Journal of Sport Sciences and Fitness
  92. K–12 STEM Education
  93. LINK
  94. Literacy and Numeracy Studies
  95. Multidisciplinary Journal of Educational Research
  96. New Male Studies
  97. Pakistan Journal of Educational Research and Evaluation
  98. Pakistan Journal of Professional Psychology Research and Practice
  99. Panamerican Journal of Neuropsychology
  100. Pedagogical Research (currently waived)
  101. Pertanika Journal of Social Sciences & Humanities
  102. Psychology, Community & Health
  103. Psychology of Language and Communication
  104. Psychological Science and Education 
  105. Psychological Thought 
  106. Psychological Topics
  107. Psychreg Journal of Psychology
  108. PsyPAG Quarterly
  109. Quaderns de Psicologia: International Journal of Psychology
  110. Qualitative Research in Education
  111. Romanian Journal of Applied Psychology 
  112. Romanian Journal of Psychological Studies
  113. Secondary Education Journal
  114. Seminar.net
  115. SJournal of the Circle for Lacanian Ideology Critique
  116. Sleep Science
  117. Slovenian Journal of Public Health
  118. Society for Judgment and Decision Making
  119. Solidarity: Journal of Education, Society and Culture
  120. Spiritual Psychology and Counseling
  121. STEM & Early Childhood Education (currently waived)
  122. The Baltic International Yearbook of Cognition, Logic and Communication
  123. The European Journal of Counselling Psychology
  124. The Malaysian Journal of Psychology 
  125. The New School Psychology Bulletin
  126. The Russian Journal of Physical Education and Sport
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