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Using Graphic Novels to Communicate Research


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The Sociological Review Foundation invite applicants to take part in a Graphic Novel Workshop with Tony Lee. If your research involves incorporating graphic methods or you are simply interested in doing this to present future research, this workshop will be of interest to you.

Workshop Format

  • Introduction on graphic novels: how the medium works, different genres, how they’ve changed and the design and production process
  • Storytelling through graphic novels: how to develop the story, what works and what doesn’t, constraints of the medium etc
  • Delegates introduce their ideas for graphic novels and get feedback
  • General discussion & advice about next steps


This event is free but places are limited to 25 people. To apply for a place, please fill in this online application form by 17.00 GMT by Monday, 02 May 2017. Please ensure to outline your research interests in the section that requests this.

Travel Bursaries

There are also a number of travel bursaries for PRGs and ECRs available for this event. You can apply for these via the same application form. 

Source: The Sociological Review

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