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Global Wellness Day 2023 #DanceMagenta Celebrations Planned at Chiva-Som Resorts

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Global Wellness Day (GWD) 2023 will be celebrated through dance. In its 12th year, GWD encourages people to focus on their health, prioritising their well-being and self-care.

On Saturday, 10th June, ChivaSom Hua Hin, Thailand, and Zulal Wellness Resort by ChivaSom, Qatar, will share the joy of dance with guests to celebrate the annual event. To demonstrate the positive effects of dancing, both wellness resorts have announced a dance programme to embrace the official #DanceMagenta theme.

The day’s activities will be centred around dance, which has an increasing value within the international wellness world. The #dancemagenta philosophy is not to resist, to trust the process, free one’s dreams and take control of the rhythm of one’s life.

New research in the UK investigating the link between therapeutic dance practices and the brain revealed that dance could be good for a healthy mind. The GWD’s #DanceMagenta prophesies that dancing is not just a physical act but also the chance to live a life “while dancing with your mind”.

Joined by the founder of Global Wellness Day, Belgin Aksoy, ChivaSom Hua Hin has kicked off the 2023 GWD celebration in May by visiting a remote Karen Hilltribe Community Village in Prachuab Kirikhan in Thailand to provide complimentary health check-ups, medical and food supplies to support the community along with dance and recreation activities for children.

On the 10th June, both ChivaSom Hua Hin, Thailand and Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva– Som, Qatar, will host a day of celebratory activities.

ChivaSom Hua Hin will present a Zumba dance class for the resort guests. This fun, full-body boogie session promotes benefits such as weight loss, muscle toning and – just as importantly – the social aspect of group exercise. 

Resort activities at Zulal Wellness Resort are open to the public and in-house guests and include a 30-minute Dancing Meditation in which participants are encouraged to ‘let go’ to release endorphins and euphoria hormones. The 45-minute get fit, stay fit Zumba session for adults is also planned to enable participants to move into the groove, free the mind and add some zest into the day.

Multiple #Dancemagenta activities exist for kids aged 16 and below, including two Latin-inspired cardio workouts. The Cha Cha Slide for kids will put the hop, clap, and stomp power into the party dance. Disco Bingo for kids, in which song titles are marked off the card as they are played, is a groovy twist on the traditional number format and challenges the younger folk to move to the music, twist to the tunes and shake and shimmy away worries.

For those who prefer a more relaxed session, a special Animal Yoga class for kids has been added to the schedule. It is a fun yet calming activity for kids of all ages that strengthen their mind-body connection while supporting the development of balance, coordination, focus and concentration.

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