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Calmer Moments for Entrepreneurs: Global Entrepreneurship Week

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In celebration of Global Entrepreneurship Week Tania Diggory, Founder & Director of Calmer, an organisation working to support the mental health of entrepreneurs, freelancers and business teams will be hosting a Calmer Moments for Entrepreneurs Facebook Live event on Thursday 21st November at 8am. This will take place in the Calmer Professionals Facebook group and will include a Q&A alongside top tips to help busy professionals learn how to embed more calm into daily life and reduce stress.

Tania, will be looking at:

  • What creates stress and burnout and why are entrepreneurs susceptible?
  • Practical steps to prevent the issues of stress and burnout from escalating
  • Entrepreneur wellbeing – why nurturing good mental health will enable you and your business to thrive

‘With just under 5.7 million entrepreneurs, freelancers and small businesses in the UK alone the start-up revolution is here to stay. However, stress and burnout are currently the leading causes of physical illness and is on the increase. Given the broad variety of challenges entrepreneurs and their teams face on a daily basis, we believe it’s vital that this community of professionals receive access to empowering resources that help to reduce stress and improve wellbeing,’ said Tania Diggory. 

‘Studies show that burnout typically peaks between the ages of 25–44, so there’s a strong business case for managing well-being as a business professional. We need to talk about the causes, find solutions and take action now to avoid this issue from escalating,’ she adds.

To take part in the Calmer Moments for Entrepreneurs Facebook Live event join the Calmer Professionals Facebook group. Attendees will also have the opportunity to sign up for a free one month trial of the Calmer Community – a digital membership platform which was created to nurture good mental health and well-being in entrepreneurs, freelancers and business owners. It offers monthly stress reduction strategies, techniques and insights to build healthy self-care habits that stick and provides evidence-based skills to enable participants to navigate full schedules and demanding workloads in a healthy and manageable way.

Tania is an entrepreneur, author, mental health and well-being speaker and founder of Calmer. By her late 20s she had launched and developed two successful businesses in the dance industry, where she took on huge responsibilities and challenges. This had an enormous impact on her mental health and well-being, resulting in burnout and severe anxiety attacks.

Inspired by her experience and recovery, she decided to explore the impact of burnout and stress on business owners and their teams, and the concept of Calmer, her third business, was born. Tania is the director and lead trainer at Calmer and brings on board carefully selected experts in coaching, mental health training and business development to deliver unique and meaningful training experiences and workplace wellbeing strategies for clients.

Tania is the author of This Is Calmer and a regular contributor to Psychologies magazine. She is is passionate about supporting entrepreneurs and business teams to balance their mental well-being with business success.

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