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How to Give UK’s Least Popular Christmas Foods a Tasty Makeover, According to a Food Expert

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While Christmas is synonymous with joy, it turns out there are certain festive foods that don’t quite hit the mark for many Brits, and some of those may surprise you!

A survey conducted by meal-box delivery service HelloFresh looked into the least favourite Christmas foods among Brits. Following the findings, a culinary expert has shared creative tips on how to transform these dishes and make them tastier.

Unsurprisingly, Brussels sprouts clinch the title of the least favourite Christmas food, with an over 1 in 6 (16.80%) disapproval rate, cementing their status as the most debated festive food. Followed by cranberry sauce and Christmas pudding, with 11.70% and 11.10% of Brits disapproving, respectively.

In an unexpected twist, the survey also revealed that the beloved pigs in blankets claimed the fourth spot, with almost 1 in 10 (9.40%) Brits stating it’s their least favourite Christmas food, challenging the assumption of their nationwide appeal. Meanwhile, stuffing secures the fifth position with a 9.10% disapproval rate.

Even traditional dishes can sometimes benefit from a touch of innovation. In response to the findings, Mimi Morley has shared ways to enhance Britain’s least favourite festive foods:

1. Sprout and bacon gratin

Transform the Brussels sprout experience by turning them into a sprout and bacon gratin featuring a cheesy crumb topping. The salty bacon cuts through the more subtle flavours making this a deliciously festive dish. Not even the most passionate sprout-hater could resist this sprout gratin.

2. Spiced orange cranberry sauce

Revitalise traditional cranberry sauce with citrusy zest from ripe oranges and the warmth of cinnamon and nutmeg. This imaginative blend adds a festive and spiced dimension to the sauce, making it a perfect accompaniment to your festive feast.

3. Chocolate-orange pudding

Introduce dark chocolate and a fresh orange zest to your Christmas pudding. This twist not only adds a touch of luxury, but the infusion of these elements gives your pudding a modern twist, creating a more enjoyable and enticing Christmas treat.

4. Garlic butter and thyme blankets

Take your pigs in blankets to the next level by seasoning them with a generous amount of fresh thyme before wrapping them in bacon. Finish by drizzling with a rich garlic butter for a savoury and aromatic flavour. This herby and garlicky combination adds richness and depth, guaranteed to leave your guests eager to go back for seconds. If you’re feeling extra hungry, make giant pigs in blankets.

5. Caramelised onion and pear stuffing

Elevate your stuffing by adding slow-cooked caramelised onions, along with the subtle juiciness of ripe pears, to your stuffing mix. The rich depth of flavour from the caramelised onions harmonises perfectly with the refreshing and slight sweetness of the pears, creating a stuffing that is a delightful highlight at your festive feast.

HelloFresh’s senior recipe development manager, Mimi Morley, comments:

“Christmas dinner is a yearly tradition that should be savoured as such. For me, it embodies happiness, uniting loved ones in the shared experience of festive flavours and the joy they bring.

“When it comes to Christmas dinner, certain dishes may not spark as much excitement. But through thoughtful recipe modifications, we can unlock the full potential of each dish, enhancing the flavours and textures that can truly take your Christmas dinner to the next level.”

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