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5 Best Gifts to Promote Mental Well-Being

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If the past year has taught us anything, it is that making time for yourself should be your highest priority. It doesn’t make you selfish, and it is never a waste of time. Looking after yourself allows you to be the best version of yourself, whatever that looks like for you. Making time for ourselves and encouraging others to do the same, is perhaps the best gift we can give.

Introducing mindfulness into your life or the lives of your friends can seem like an airy concept. Where do you even begin? When looking for more specific presents you could search ‘gifts for teachers’ or ‘gifts for acupuncturists’, but gifts for mindfulness are a little less specific. 

I recommend anything that encourages you to stay present and reconnect with your surroundings. Here are my top picks to give to your friends, family, or simply to yourself.

A self-help book or collection of essays

Reading is a great way to bring yourself into the present moment. It encourages concentration and can help you to expand your horizons. Self-help books sometimes get a bad reputation, mostly from some of the questionable advice out there already. 

The right book, however, can really make a difference in how you view the world. Peruse reading lists online and take a chance on the one that resonates with you most. It could just become a new favourite. 

An aromatherapy set to relax with

There is an abundance of research into how scents can affect the mind. With the right aromatherapy set, you can sit back, relax, and forget the world around you. 

There are numerous ways to benefit from aromatherapy. You don’t need to fork out on an expensive diffuser if you don’t want to. Candles, oils, or incense all achieve the same results. Find a smell that works for you and enjoy a well-deserved break.  

A plant to care for

Pets are often recommended to improve mental wellbeing as they encourage responsibility. However, they also incur a lot of work and cost that some of us simply cannot handle. The next best thing? A plant! Whether it is indoors or in your garden, having something to care for every day can change your entire perspective, even though it is only a minor change.

Some new skincare for pampering

Self-care is a huge part of mindfulness. Taking care of your mental state doesn’t exclusively require work on your mind. Investing in some new skincare products for an evening of pampering is a great way to encourage positive mental habits

You don’t need to know the ins and outs of every product to get started with this. Of course, whether it’s for yourself or someone else, you should be wary of allergens. But remember, this is mostly just about having fun and relaxing. Try out new things and treat yourself. It is a great way to reconnect with your body.

A Himalayan salt lamp to make your space more cosy

Finally, the introduction of a Himalayan salt lamp can seriously encourage cosy vibes in your living space. They give off a gentle, warm light that is infinitely better for basking in than ordinary lamps, and they really add to the overall aesthetic of your room.

Final thoughts

Many of these gifts are small and could seem insignificant at first. However, mindfulness is a process. Each tiny step you make to a more present version of yourself is integral to your overall well-being. Each of these gifts, whether you present them to yourself or a loved one, are sure to encourage healthier habits over time. 

Dennis Relojo-Howell is the founder of Psychreg.


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