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“I’m a Gifting Expert” – This Is the Best Housewarming Gift to Give Someone This Year

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With thousands of people moving home each year, it is likely that you’re going to know someone who is finding their next place. Whether they’re moving to be closer to family, starting a new adventure, or looking to find a place with someone new, there are plenty of reasons people move home. 

According to data, the majority of Brits spend 10 years in their homes before moving, but this isn’t to say that some people aren’t looking to move out quicker, depending on their age and where they live. The likelihood is that you’re going to know someone moving house soon, from university to their forever home, but do you know what you should be buying them for their housewarming?

Baxters of Scotland, a luxury hampers business, explores what you need to be gifting your loved ones when they next move house. 

Fill up their pantry

Moving house is no easy feat, and for many, it can completely distract from those home essentials everyone needs. This is the perfect opportunity for you to think ahead and make the transition between homes a little bit easier for your loved ones. 

Katy Baxter, Corporate Affairs Director at Baxters of Scotland, says: “No one wants to think about what food they do or don’t have in when they’ve finished unpacking their boxes, and doing a big food shop after a long day isn’t what your loved ones need. Providing them with a curated food hamper with everything their pantry would need can help keep them fed and fuelled throughout their move.”

Think about buying some of the essentials, such as milk, bread, and eggs, but also explore some items outside of their usual shop or something a bit special to remind them of this time. Food is great at holding memories; letting them explore new chutney and jam flavours might help them find their new favourite – something that will always remind them of their new home too. Buying preserves and even canned goods such as soup can be the perfect pantry filler for your loved ones.   Their long shelf lives and convenient packaging mean your loved ones always have something when in a rush or a warming meal when they need a little pick-me-up. 

Other forgotten essentials

“You’ll want to gift things that make your loved ones’ time easier, something they might not consider themselves during this chaotic time. Try to think outside of the box when buying them a gift and get them something they will really need. Sometimes the most basic items are not only the most functional, but can also bring a laugh,” says Katy.

Food isn’t the only thing your loved ones are likely to need but forget. Think about items such as toilet paper, deodorant, and all those other items which hide deep within our packed boxes that we probably urgently need. You can add these to your hamper for a comprehensive home-essentials box that has everything they could need for the first few days while they settle. 

Something special to sip

Moving house is a time to celebrate, whether alone in their new place or together at a housewarming party. Each moment is a bit of excitement that deserves celebration. You can bring the party to your loved ones’ new home with a drink banquet, bouquet, or hamper. 

Katy says: “Every special moment deserves to be celebrated, and for many, this can include a drink or two. Your friends and family are likely to buy plenty of gifts for the movers, so step outside the box with a drink selection perfect for their tastes so they can celebrate in style. And don’t just limit it to one bottle, try one for each occasion on the new journey, including moving in, finishing unpacking, and even the first successful mortgage payment.”

If you’re attending a housewarming, it can be tempting to take along some flowers, but your loved ones might soon run out of vases. Instead, think outside the box and gift them something they will truly need, whether you’re dropping off the perfect essential hamper for their first day in their new home or something to add a bit of flavour and celebration to their storage cupboards. 

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