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How to Gift According to Your Partner’s Love Language

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Valentine’s Day, or in the language of love, “la fête des amoureux”, is hailed as the most romantic and love-filled day of the year. Whether you and your partner have been together for five days or five decades, V-Day is synonymous with roses, chocolates, balloons, candy, and romantic candlelit meals.

Linking in with this loved-up theme, there are supposedly five love languages out there – the five ways in which we like to express and receive love. So when deciding on the perfect offering for your other half, why not crack the V-Day code and give them a gift based on their love language?

You little love detective, you. But don’t worry; we’ve done the hard work for you. Max Spielmann, with his knack for personal gifting, has decoded the five major love languages, with specific gift recommendations for each one.

Words of affirmation

Actions may speak louder than words, but not for this individual. The way they like to give and receive love is through words of affirmation, compliments, and verbal expressions. Hearing words of encouragement and love is crucial for this type of person, so why not incorporate a personalised written message into this gift?

You could put together an illustrated storybook of your relationship timeline, a personal handwritten letter, or maybe even a framed “things I love about you” print that they could hang up in their home.

Receiving gifts

Perhaps the most misunderstood languages out of the bunch. When gifting to this recipient, put a lot of thought into your final choice, as effort goes a long way. It’s not necessarily the monetary value but the thought behind it, so a last-minute panic buy isn’t going to cut it.

A well-put-together photo book from your relationship, a favourite memento from their childhood, or sentimental jewellery are all winning ways to show your love for this person.

Acts of service

For this individual, where words fail, actions speak. They feel the most loved when their partner is doing activities that make their lives easier. From nipping to the shop to folding laundry, anything can take the load off and make life even slightly more manageable.

For this type of person, practical gifts that save time are the way forward. Think of a self-care kit for ultimate relaxation or breakfast in bed for an indulgent treat. How about storage accessories like a woven bamboo basket or storage bench to show you’re doing your bit to keep the house organised?

Quality time

Quality time is important to everyone, but spending undivided and meaningful time with their partner is key to feeling complete for this person. It’s not only about the length of time spent, but rather the act of engaging in memorable activities and meaningful conversations, which are crucial for them.

Why don’t you put together a pack of “a year of dates” cards they can pick at random, book an oh-so-needed romantic night away, or better yet, plan a photoshoot so that you can enjoy the day and keep the photos, cherishing the memories for a lifetime to come?

Physical touch

Physical touch is the way these individuals feel most connected to their loved one – through gestures like hugs, kisses, and even a squeeze of the hand. This Valentine’s Day, show them the love with a gift that captures the essence of an embrace.

What about a soothing silk pyjama set, a couple’s massage session, or a cosy personalised pillow they can hug as they drift to sleep at night?

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